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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wed 20th & Thurs 21st May

Planning your own school trip / residential


This time of year we would normally be visiting the Great Orme Bronze Age Copper Mines in Llandudno ( ).

For all of our school trips to happen, Mrs Roberts and I have to plan every part of the trip including – 

  • **Dates

  • Venue

  • Activities

  • Hotel / B&B

  • Food & Drink

  • Travel

  • Total Cost**

Over the next two days, your challenge is to create your own school residential trip to different tourist attractions around the Llandudno/North Wales area. You may choose a one-day trip, or even challenge yourself to plan a 2-5 day trip visiting multiple tourist attractions on different days.


We would like you to consider the required essentials (listed above**) needed when planning a trip.


You will need to research the tourist attractions that you wish to attend during your school residential trip. You are likely to find the required information on the internet. A lot of companies and websites have a designated area for school trips. Here is a list of some possible examples -


Requirements of your school trip -

  1. DatesWhat date are you going on your school trip / residential? What date will you return? How many days will your trip last?

  2. VenuesWhere will you go on each of the days during your trip?

  3. Activities – Each venue will have its own activity available. Please research what these activities could be. Write a paragraph (in your own words) describing the activity on offer.

Example – Llandudno Copper Mines

The Great Orme Copper Mine is one of the country’s most important archaeological sites and is the largest Bronze Age mine in the world.

After hearing about the mine's history and viewing a short film, your group will be taken underground to see the labyrinth of tunnels which were part of a vast industrial complex 4,000 years ago. During the tour the group is encouraged to imagine what life would have been like for children living in the Bronze Age.

Although the tunnels you walk through are large enough to stand in, many other minor workings leading off are so small that they could only have been mined by children as young as 5 or 6 years old.


       4.   Hotel / B&BEach child will need somewhere to sleep. You can either use the prices provided below or challenge yourself to find your own accommodation / prices close to the venues you have chosen.


Number of nights in Hotel / B&B

Price per person, per night










       5.   Food & Drink – All children will be provided with food & drink during their school trip / residential. Each child will be charged £10.00 per day and will be provided with everything they need.

       6.   Travel – A coach has been booked for all 50 Pupils going on the trip.

For 1 day the coach costs £300.

Every day extra will cost an extra £100.

How much will it cost per child for the whole trip?

       7.   Total Cost – How much will the school trip / residential cost each child individually? You will need to add up the total cost of –

  • Venue / Activities per child

  • Hotel / B&B per child

  • Food & Drink per child

  • Travel per child


Please try to challenge yourself when planning your trip. The longer your trip lasts, the harder it is to work out costs and write up activities.  I hope you enjoy exploring some of the fantastic tourist attractions North Wales has to offer! 


(If you find this activity too challenging, please don't worry. Choose a venue for a one day trip. Research the venue and the activities and write a detailed account of what your trip would consist of. Don't worry about the costings)

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