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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

WB 9.7.18

Our Stars of the week are Euan and Medha. Well done!

Our Stars of the week are Euan and Medha. Well done! 1

What have we been doing this week?

We are very close to the end of year 1, the children have all grown so much in many ways and this week they have been writing a letter to their new teacher to tell her all about themselves. They have done really well learning how to set out letters, they have wrote a thank you letter to the zoo for our school trip and even signed it, yours sincerely.

In maths we have been recapping what the children have learnt this year, so that we can concentrate on any gaps that need revisiting. The children have shown how well they have progressed this year and the skills they now have!

Our topic has been very messy this week, we have started making our jungle jeeps, the children have been using their DT and creative skills. They are starting to come together nicely. We will continue to work on these next week, as it has been a big job!

Year 1 did a fantastic job with their homework last week, so this week they have thought about how they can help endangered animals. One way they thought of was making posters to educate people. They have done a fantastic job and have all felt very passionate about helping the animals any way they can.

We have enjoyed making our own games in PE, the children have shown some very creative PE skills and some very good independent learning.




What will we be doing next week?

Next week is the end of a chapter, it is the last week in year 1. The children are very excited to move up to their new class and are all grown up and ready to go up to year 2. We have a very exciting week, we will be working as normal up until Wednesday, and Thursday will be a day that the children can bring in their own board games to play. (no electronic games please) . We will be having forest school in the afternoon, so the children will have a chance to get outside and explore the forest school.

We will be continuing with our jeep making next week, we will be painting and adding the finishing touches. We will be evaluating our topic this half term and thinking about what we have learnt and what we would like to learn in year 2.

In maths we will be playing a range of maths games to recap over the learning we have done this year in a fun way.

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