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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday, June 9th

Bore da pawb! Thank you for the lovely pictures and the hard work you are all putting in, keep it up. 



Over next see weeks we will be looking at healthy eating. We had a great start with health and well-being week last week and we want to continue this over the next few weeks. Your work this week will to be to create a fact poster based on people eating their five a day. 
you will need to make your poster colourful, eye catching, pictures and plenty of facts. 
questions to answer:

  • what foods are included in your five a day?
  • why do we need our five a day? 
  • what foods should not be in your five a day? 

Please feel free to present this poster how ever you like. 


LO: revision 

Complete all the sections. This is revision work. It practises work we have covered in class.



Copy the work into your book.

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