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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 7th July

Numeracy - As we know from the Rainbow Fish story yesterday, he was very kind and gave lots of his scales away. Remember when we shared the penguins between the icebergs? Today we are going to be sharing the Rainbow Fish’s scales between his friends! Remember that saying share is another way of saying divide. Look at the questions below and see if you can find the answers - feel free to use counters or other resources to help with your dividing.

Literacy - The Rainbow fish gave away his most prized possession, his scales. What is your most prized possession? Draw a picture of it and write a sentence to say why it is so special. 



Phonics - Tricky words Tuesday - the, he, she, me, they, was, all, said, 


During our 'Comotion in the Ocean' week you were asked to make fishing rods out of magnets.


If you have your fishing rods handy then we will be using them today, if not here are the instructions to make another:


 On a piece of card (or paper if you have no card), write one of the tricky words in colour and write it clearly and boldy.

- Take something magnetic, such as a small screw, a paper clip, or a coin, and tape one to each word (please check before doing this that each item is magnetic - when Miss Roberts was testing coins she found that some 2ps were magnetic and others were not! Most of the 1ps, 2ps, 5ps and 10ps she tested were magnetic but there were a few rogue ones that weren't.)

- Now take a magnet (maybe off your fridge or a number/letter magnet) and tie it to some string. Tie the other end to a 'rod' (maybe a pencil or ruler).

- Your fishing game is now ready! Which tricky word can you catch? 


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