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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 5th May

Class 3 -

Class 4 -


We are loving receiving your Welsh singing videos! 

This weeks song is on the free APP Selog 2  -
'Pen, ysgwyddau, coesau, traed!'
(Head, shoulders, knees and toes!) 



Please send the clip to your teacher by THURSDAY lunch time so that we can create another super video!

Llygaid      = eyes  

Clustiau     = ears  

Trwyn        = nose  

Ceg           = mouth

Task 1 - Can you write a letter back to one of the crayons? Asking them to come back and how you will make things better for them.


Extension - Can you design a colourful envelope for your letter to go in?

Task 2 - We have looked at 1p,2p,10p,20,50p, now what’s next? The pound coin.


Do you know how many 1p’s are in a pound?

Do you know how many 2p’s are in a pound?

Do you know how many 10p’s are in a pound?

Do you know how many 20p’s are in a pound?

Do you know how many 50p’s are in a pound?


Extension - How many 1ps are in £2?

Task – Our sound of the day is ‘oa’. – Goat in a boat. 


Can you create a cup of goat food? 

Write the words below onto your homemade ‘goat pellets’.

Can you then sort the food into food that is ok to feed the goat – (Real words) and food that has gone yucky – (Alien words)?


Boat / coat / moat / float / doat / ploat / woat / soak / goat / droat / cloak / droad / road.

Our wornderful work!

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