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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 5th May

Literacy - Today we would like you to retell the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. You can be as creative as you want by creating a flap book, use the BookCreator app or you could simply record yourself telling the story in your own words. Please see below for a few ideas on how you can present your work. 


Challenge: How well do you know the days of the week? Can you compete the ‘Tomorrow and Yesterday’ challenge below? 

Yesterday and Tomorrow Challenge

Numeracy - Thank you to Emilia for this wonderful idea a couple of weeks ago! 


In our story this week, The Hungry Caterpillar eats all different types of fruits. Today, we would like you to create some repeating pattern fruit skewers! Take a look in your fruit bowl and choose your favourite fruits. Ask a grown up to help you chop them up. Can you thread them in a pattern onto a skewer? If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you might even want to cover them in yoghurt then pop them in the freezer for a lolly snack later on in the day!


If you don’t have any skewers you may prefer to make a fruit picture on a plate - challenge: can you make your fruit picture symmetrical? Imagine that mirror line down the middle of your plate! 


Here are links again to some of the games you have played to do with pattern and symmetry over the past couple of weeks if you would like another turn.

Phonics - Today we will continue to look at words that have blends and the sounds we have practised so far.


Can you try reading and spelling these words? 


You could write them in felt tips, crayons, paint, chalk, glitter, sand, mud, soap! Could you trace them on someones back - can they guess what letters you are writing and sound out your word?


Broth / chick / rush / click / sting


Cloth / bench / drink



Please note that if these words are too tricky you are welcome to practice other words - you may choose to focus on sounds 


sh / ch / th / ng / nk


or look at the flashcards from yesterday for inspiration.


You may even wish to create another caterpillar to write them in (or add some segments to your caterpillar from yesterday so he is not just very hungry but also very long!)

This afternoon we would like you to create some painted caterpillar themed craft using your hands (or feet!) Take a look at the pictures below for some inspiration, or you may wish to create your own design.
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