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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 30th

30.6.20- to measure a range of objects


Today I would like you to actually measure a range of objects. I would like you to focus on length (using a ruler or tape measure) and weight (if you have a set of scales  you can use).

If you don't have a set of weighing scales, just focus on length.


I would like you to try and measure as accurately as possible. For length try to measure to the nearest mm, and record using decimal notation (5.7cm), or of this is abit too tricky try to measure to the nearest half cm and again record using decimal notation (5.5cm). For weight, this will depend on your scales.

I would like you to use the attached table to record your work. You must write down the name of the object, then make an estimate of it's length/weight, then measure it and record it's actual length/ weight. In the final column, I would like you to calculate the difference between your estimate and the actual measurement.


Try and do 20 measurements in total. if you have access to weighing scales you could try 10 of each.


Remember to record your units of measurement (mm/ cm/g/kg)

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