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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 2nd June

There were four half term birthdays in class 2 - a belated happy birthday to Sophie, Alyssa, Stanley and Joshua!

Monday - Here are some half term pictures and also some of you enjoying the solo Sports Day challenges - if you didn’t make it through them all today, you can carry on with them throughout the week.

Tuesday - Keeping Clean

It is very important that we keep our bodies clean! We all know how important it is to wash our hands regularly to get rid of any nasty germs and we clean our teeth every day to brush away the plaque that makes our teeth rot. 




               -x- Health Activity -x-

Watch the video below 'The Gappy Smile' (loosing teeth)

Choose ONE of the activities below to complete:


1) Design a poster for the children in Nursery to remind them to clean their teeth.


2) Plaque attack experiments - place an egg in a cup of full fat cola/sugary drink and leave it for a few days. What happens to the egg? You could try to brush your egg with toothpaste to see if it will clean the egg.


3) Challenge - Can you time how long you can brush your teeth for in the morning and at night? Remember it should be for around two minutes. Can you work out the number of minutes you brushed your teeth for? Now try seconds. 

Did you know you're supposed to take 2 minutes brushing your teeth to make sure they are super clean?


4) Can you make your very own recycled 2 minute timer? 

All you will need is a plastic bottle, some scissors, and something for the 'sand' or sand if you happen to have any!

You can use things like - sand, glitter and water, salt, sugar or anything else you can think of!


5) Challenge - can you brush your teeth without a timer and stop when you think 2 minutes have passed? Someone could time you, were you right? Were you too fast or too slow?


              -x- Physical Activity -x- 



                   It's time to warm up! Click on the link below. 

Brain Breaks ♫ Action Songs for Children ♫ Shiny Clean Dance ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Popular children's brain breaks, action and dance song, Shiny Clean Dance. Shiny Clean Dance is from the award-winning CD, Tony Chestnut & Fun Time Action So...

Get ready to clean! One of the ways we can help keep our bodies safe and clean is by keeping our homes clean and tidy too! This afternoon, ask your grown up to set you some cleaning challenges! It could be to scrub the decking, clean the windows, wash your toys, help hang out the washing to dry...anything at all! Try doing them slowly, then doing them as quickly as you can - what do you notice about your heart beat when you do things faster and scrub harder?


Time yourself doing different cleaning jobs (but make sure you don’t rush!) - which jobs are quicker and which take longer?


                   -x- Extra Activities -x- 


We all know how important hand washing is don't we?


Watch Dr Ranj explain the coronavirus to Jobi. They sing a song about washing your hands.

Can you find a nursery rhyme which lasts 20 seconds which you could wash your hands to instead of Happy Birthday? Can you use a timer or a stop watch to time yourself. 


Challenge - can you make up your own song to sing when washing your hands?

You can also continue your trackers and food diary if you have chosen to do these - remember there is also the dance video to practice if you head over to Ewloe Green TV!
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