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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 31st March

Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Numeracy - Join in with the duck song. Every time the ducks went away, one less came back. Ask your grown ups to call out a number between one and 10 - can you tell them one less? If you find this hard, write your numbers 1-10 somewhere to use as a number line to help count backwards.


Use the number cards you made last week - spread them out all over the floor. When your grown up says a number, throw a ball of socks to land on the number that is one less.


Challenge - can you play the game with two less? Three less? Count backwards from the number your grown up calls out to help find the answer.


Ask your grown ups to write some numbers down the side of a page in your book - can you write one/two/three less next to them? Can you write them as a take away question?

e.g. two less than five would be 5 - 2 =

Literacy - Re-cap the story 'Brenda's Boring Egg', what can you remember? Re-read a passage from the story, can you hear anything special about the words? Have you noticed that the words rhyme? Rhyming words sound similar because they end with the same sound e.g. best nest...they both end with est.

Today we would like you to look at rhyming words. Below you will find a set of eggs and nests with words on, your task is to match the egg to the correct nest by finding the words that rhyme together. If you can print them out then great but dont worry if you can't just split a page in half and write the words on the eggs on one side and the matching rhyming word from the nest on the other, or you could get creative and make your own eggs to write the words on. 


Challenge: Can you come up with some of your own rhyming words? 

Phonics - Our sound of the day is ‘nk’. I think I stink! 😆


Task: Can you read and write theses words - Pink/ link/ wink/ sink/ think/ stink


Challenge: Can you put the words into sentences? 

Sound of the day - nk

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