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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 28th April

Bore da pawb. Thank you for all the fantastic photos of your work. Here are today’s challenges. Good luck! 😀




Today’s sound is “are”  (care and share) but are is sometimes a word on its own. Have a look at the words below and write them out using 2 different colour pens, write the “are” letters in each word in one colour and the other letters in a different colour. Here are the words:


barely         prepare       rarely   barefoot   daredevil  caretaker    warehouse   software  hardware


Some of these words might be new to you. If they are, look in a dictionary or search on line to find out what they mean. If you can, write some sentences with these words and draw a picture.


The caretaker had a mop and a bucket.





Use the digits in the year you were born to write sums. You can write lots of addition and subtraction sums and try some simple multiplication sums too. We have also looked at > and <. For instance if the year you were born in is 1986 you could do:

9-8, 8+6, 69-18, 89-16, 9x1, 8<19, 16>8

How many different sums can you make?


I wonder if you can guess which years Mr. Williams and Mrs. Marten were born. Have a guess. E mail us with your answers.  Here’s a little clue, Mrs. Marten is a LOT older than Mr. Williams. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Literacy Activity


Mr. Whoops has been  doing some writing again. He tries his very best but he makes lots of mistakes. Read what he has written and see if you can write it again without the mistakes.


After schul, Msr Jones from down the road takes em and my friend to the park. I love to clime really high on the climbing frame with the other chulldren . Once a child didn’t howld on like you shud so eh fell from the very top and all the way to the flur. His farhter had to take him to the doctors and sed he wasn’t allowed to play outside for a howl week until his arm got beta.

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