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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 24th March

Phonics activity 'sh'.


Practice writing 'sh' in lots of different ways.

- You could fill a piece of paper with 'sh' in lots of different colours,

- You could paint it lots of times,

- You could go outside and use your piece of chalk to write it on the ground,

- You could use a paintbrush and a pot of water on the ground outside,

- Combine the last two - write with the chalk, then trace over with the paintbrush and water to watch it disappear! 


(if your child has different sounds to learn on their report, you can use these activities with a different sound too)

How to write 'sh' in the cursive style

Still image for this video

Numeracy - 

Can you make yourself a pack of number treasure cards? Cut your card into 10 pieces. Carefully watch the number song video below 'Number Formation Rhymes 1 - 10'.


Write one number on each card. Ask someone in your house to hide the cards around a room or the house. Can you go on a treasure hunt and find all the treasure cards? Put them in order from one to ten to make sure you have them all!


  • Challenge - can you make another set writing your numbers from 11 to 20? Watch the video 'Teen Numbers' below.

  • Keep these cards safe - we will use them for future activities!

  • If you're up for a really big challenge, you might use these number cards when it comes to making your treasure maps (see below)!

Number Formation Rhymes 1 - 10

Number formation rhymes for 0 to 10

Teen Numbers | Numbers in the Teens | Teen Numbers In The Air | Jack Hartmann

Literacy - In the story ‘How to Find Egyptian Treasure’ Albie has a treasure map to help him find the hidden treasure. 

Can you draw your own treasure map using the pictures below to help. Don’t forget to put your ‘x’ to mark the spot.


Challenge - You Could hide some ‘treasure’ around your house and draw a map for your family to go and find. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

You can try this to have a bit of calm time in the afternoon - grown ups encouraged to take part too!

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