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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 21st April

Literacy - We are so pleased to hear that so many of you enjoyed the story of ‘Treasures in the Garden’ and have seen some of the amazing adventures you have been on and treasures that you have found. 


In their adventure, Jake and Holly meet lots of characters, such as a pirate captain, a mermaid, a wizard, a dragon and the fairy queen. What character would you like to meet? Draw or paint a picture of a story character you would like to meet.

Challenge - Write a description about your character, can you use lots of amazing adjectives?

Numeracy - In the ‘Treasures in the Garden’ story, Jake lost his teddy. Can you choose some of your teddies and ask a grown up or sibling to hide them around your garden or house? It is up to you how many you choose to hide!


Now you have to find all your teddies! When you have found them all, we are going to measure how tall they all are. Choose something to measure with that is quite small and you have a lot of them that are the same size - e.g. paper clips, pieces of pasta, lego/building blocks, gummy bears. Before you measure you are going to estimate how tall in pasta/paper clips etc.  your teddy is. An estimate is when we have a careful think and make a sensible guess as to what the answer is. Write down your estimate, then check your answer - see the table below for an idea of how to set your work out in your book.


Challenge - Can you find the difference between your estimate and the actual answer? To find the difference take the smaller number away from the bigger one - you can write these down if you like.

This gives you an idea of how to use your things to measure - remember to line your measuring things up right with the bottom of your teddies legs though, we haven't done a very good job here!

Phonics - today we are looking at the tricky words


my       said        your


Can you create a hopscotch game outside, writing the words in different boxes and reading them as you land on them? Or throw a pebble/ball of socks at the boxes and read the word it lands on. You could even have a competition where you and someone else in your house choose a word and see who can land their pebble/socks on it the most times!

If you would like another challenge, you could think about the part of the story where Jake and Holly are swimming underwater. In water, some things float and some things sink. Have a try at investigating floating and sinking using the treasure you have found - can you make a prediction beforehand whether you think it will float or sink? You could do this in a bowl of water in the garden or you may prefer to do it if you have bath time at some point in the day.
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