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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 16th June

Handwriting activity


Today we would like you to think about the 'ar' sound. Can you form the sound really carefully? Your challenge today is to think of 'ar words with... 

1 syllable, e.g. arm

2 syllables, e.g. farmer

3 syllables, e.g. artistic

4 syllables, e.g. caterpillar


Can you write as many ar words as you can with 1/2/3/4 syllables. Maybe write the syllables in different colours so you can count them. 

Language activity


Today we would really like you to think about rhyming words. 

Find items around your home that rhyme with each other, e.g teddy bear/chair, telly,/welly etc .How many can you find? Can you draw pictures of both rhyming words and write each word too?


If you have a dictionary can you check your spellings carefully?

A rhyming words sheet if you want a go!

Shape, Space and Measure activity


Use a tape measure or ruler to measure some things around your home. Draw a picture of these things and write down the measurements. How high, how long, how wide etc, remember to think about what units of measure to use. If you want more of a challenge you could always 'estimate' the measurements first!

Perhaps use PicCollage or Popplet on an iPad to record your learning (if you want to)!

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