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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 16th June

Numeracy - using your magnetic fishing game you made yesterday - can you play a doubling game?


- With a partner, take it in turns to catch a sea animal.

- If you can double the number, you can keep the animal!

- Keep playing until all the animals have been caught - who is the winner?


Challenge - play it again but this time the first person to shout out the double gets to keep the animal regardless of who was ‘fishing’! You may also wish to turn the animals over so you can’t see the numbers. If you don't want to play against a person you may play against a timer, then try again and see if you can beat your first go!

Phonics - today's sound is




shout it out!


Can you create a list of words containing the sound ‘ou’? You may choose to use blocks or tiles that you used last week, or writing them on a piece of paper in a list is fine too! Then, watch one of the videos below to make your very own tin can (or paper cup) telephone. Now, the opposite of shout is to whisper - can you listen to somebody quietly read your list down the tin can phone and can you write down the words they say? Check at the end if your lists match!

Make Your Own String Phone | One Stop Science Shop

How to make a Tin Can Telephone?|Science Project for Kids|Crafts

Literacy - Barnaby Bear has travelled to many different places and we love hearing about all of his adventures. your task today is that we would like to hear about an adventure you have been on. Find a photograph of yourself on any adventure, this could be to the seaside, to the park or even on a sunny holiday. If you cant find a photo then you could draw a picture or record yourself telling us about your adventure.


Here is Mrs Jones' favourite adventure, can you guess where I am? We can't wait to see what fun adventures you have been on. 

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