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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tuesday 9th June

Monday 8th June - amazing work to raise awareness about World Ocean Day!

Sophie made a zebra and brought it to life to tell us her super research!

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Joshua would like you to know what he thinks about dropping litter!

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Numeracy - Zoo timetable


Watch the video below to remember our ‘o’clock’ song that we used to sing in school.

Telling Time Song | What Time Is It? | Nursery Rhymes | Original Song by LittleBabyBum!

LIToday we would like you to make a clock and show the different times from the zoo timetable below.


Here are some ideas you could use for displaying the times.

  • Print the sheet below to draw all the times.

  • Use a paper plate to write the numbers around the edge, and use straws as the hands.

  • Collect 12 pebbles, write the numbers on them to make a clock face and use sticks as the hands.

  • Take the batteries out of a clock on the wall and wind it on to show the different times.


If you do it practically, you can take some photos of the different times to send to your teacher if you so wish..


Make sure the hour hand is short and the minute hand is long.


Challenge - we only briefly touched on the idea of ‘half past’ in school - can you try and show the tricky half past times on the second timetable?


(A little side note, I’ve made up the timetable - the monkeys definitely get fed more than once a week 😊)

Literacy - Read the Story ‘The Zoo Vet’ (PowerPoint below). The story follows the vet throughout the week as he treats different poorly zoo animals. At the end of the week, we discover that it is now the zoo vet himself who is unwell!


Task - Can you set up a vet’s surgery for your soft toys at home? Can you check their temperature, apply bandages, wrap them up warm and listen to their heartbeats? You could write down their symptoms and the treatments they’ll need.

Phonics - Todays sound that we are revising is 'ay' - May I play


Choose an activity from the bank of pictures below. These are just some ideas to help you to practically practice Phonics at home as we know that writing is not the most fun method! , Feel free to use your own ideas and share them with us. Seren's mum had the brilliant idea of smashing egg shells! 


  • Pasta Phonics 
  • Egg Smash Phonics 
  • Duplo Phonics Builder 
  • Water bomb Phonics 
  • Alphabet sound jump
  • Play dough phonics
  • Bead Threading Sounds 
  • Digging For Phonics 
  • Football Phinics 
  • Kitchen Roll Ping Pong
  • Fairy Dust Phonics 
  • Space Rocket Phonics 
  • Ping Pong Ball Phonics 



Bonus afternoon challenge!


Chester Zoo has worked really hard over the past few years to make sure that the places that their animals live are suitable. The place an animal lives is called a ‘habitat’. Before the zoo closed, the lions had recently moved into their new habitat, and the flamingos are currently waiting for their new home to be built. Last year, part of the zoo had a fire and lots of animals lost their homes. The zoo has been busy raising money to build their new habitats for them to move into. This afternoon, we would like you to choose your favourite animal at Chester Zoo and design a new habitat for it! Think about what the animals need (a place to sleep, somewhere to eat, water to drink, things to keep them entertained - maybe they like climbing or swimming? - a place to hide) and make sure you include them all. You can either draw the map of your habitat or present it in some other way. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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