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Newspaper Reports - Identifying the 5 W's


Last week in our English lessons we looked at and identified the different features of a newspaper report and how to write a catchy headline.
Today we are focusing on the 5 W's (Who?, What?, Where?, When? & Why?) identified in the text.
1 - We would like you to watch the attached video below that gives you some advice on identifying the 5 W's. 
2 - Next we would like you to choose 2 of the newspaper report examples (Found in 5W's - … (1).pdf) and identify the 5 W's by completing the chart.


Extra -
If you would like to challenge yourself further, we have added some extra activities focusing on the 5 W's (Found in 5W's - … (2&3).pdf) - These are not compulsory but may be helpful to reinforce your understanding.

The 5 W's of a News Story