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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Tues 12th May

Numeracy - In the Stickman story, Stickman plays a game of fetch with a dog. Today, we would like you to play a game of fetch with someone in your family! You will need the number cards that you made a while ago (or use any cards/blocks etc that you have with the numbers 1-10). Lay all your numbers out at the top of your garden and sit at the bottom. Your family member is to ask you a maths question - you have to go and fetch the answer!


Some types of questions that you could ask:

  • Adding questions,

  • Take away questions,

  • Bigger than/smaller than questions,

  • More or less questions (e.g. 1 less than 5, 2 more than 4)

  • Half of questions.

  • What comes next in a sequence (counting forwards or backwards)

  • Questions to do with odd or even numbers (e.g. an odd number bigger than 5, an even number smaller than 5) With these ones there may be more than one answer - it’s up to you how many answers you would like!


You are welcome to write the questions down or use resources to help with finding out the answers before you fetch the card.


You may want to do quick five/ten minute bursts of this throughout the day and do a different type of question each time.

Literacy/PSE - Wow, we had some fantastic stick families and even a family tree! Today we are going to be thinking about how Stick Man felt during the story and about the things that made him feel the way he did. Look at the picture at the beginning of the book that shows Stick Man, his family and the family tree, use the emojis to talk about how the Stick man is feeling at this point. Go through the story and use the emojis to talk about the different feelings that the Stick Man has, for example, happy to be with his family and excited to be going out for a jog. 


Task - Your task is to think about a time that you have felt some of the emotions and write a sentence using 'I felt...….when...…' and draw a picture. For example, I felt happy when we clapped for the NHS workers.


This is the perfect time to talk about our feelings :-)


Still image for this video

Phonics - Our sound of the day is 'ck' - The right kind of stick for my favourite trick!


That's right there are lots of words that end with the sound 'ck' in the story 'Stick Man'. Can you find all of the words that end in 'ck' and write a list. Can you add any more words that end with 'ck'? 

Afternoon challenge - Can you create your own version of Stickman? You can use a stick you have collected, or you could use something else. Have a look at the pictures below for inspiration (or Pinterest is always a good place for ideas!)
Today's WWF activity is called 'Garden Safari'. It is running at 11am - please click the link below for more information.
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