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A wonderful week where lots of teddy bears came to visit! We have enjoyed:

- Descriptive writing about our teddies,

- Making Valentines cards for all the people that we love ’beary much’,

- Playing an adding and take away game with the teddies,

- Problem solving, adding and taking away to pack our picnic hamper for five teddies,

- Learning about Barnaby Bear visiting places such as the seaside, Wales, Dublin and Chester,

- Learning a ‘Teddy Bear Rock’ song,

- Making teddy bear sandwiches for our picnic, complete with marmalade for Paddington, 

- Decorating bunting for our picnic, 

- Acting out and dancing a teddy bears picnic story,

- Playing bear games and enjoying some treats for our picnic - unfortunately it started to rain just as we were going to go to the amphitheatre for our picnic so we went to the hall instead.


Thank you for all your support this half term, enjoy your half term break - you all deserve a well earned rest! Already looking forward to seeing everybody ready for our new topic ‘Tell Me A Story’. We will start off the half term learning about Welsh myths and legends and St David’s day before focussing on stories by the author Caryl Hart.

The robots have taken over this week! We have:

- Read ‘Harry and the Robots’, written instructions on how to look after poorly Nan from the story and played a ‘Get the robots to the hospital’ game,

- Learnt about different 3D shapes, sorting them, learning their names, going on shape hunts around school and building robots with the shapes,

- Built group robots with recyclable materials,

- Read ‘Whatever Next’ and used our imagination with the cardboard boxes outside,

- Used the turtle program in the e-Learning plaza to give instructions and make the ‘sprite’ move around the page,

- Found a trashed classroom after playtime one morning - we had to hunt for clues to find out who was the culprit (it was Ralph the really rude robot!) and wrote rules for how to look after the classroom.

As part of our International week, we have been learning all about Uganda this week! We have:

- Learnt about where Uganda is in the world, looked at the flag and compared it to Wales,

- Written about our favourite part of a Ugandan traditional tale ‘How the crane got its crown’ and made our own paper versions of the crane from the Uganda flag,

- Made a delicious African potato recipe - lots of us wanted more when we tried it at the end!

- Read ‘Handas Surprise’ and tried lots of fruit from the story,

- Collected data about the fruit that we liked from the story and put it into a bar chart,

- Learnt about the ‘take away’ symbol and written our own subtractions using fruit models to help find the answer,

- Got a bit mucky painting our hands to make our own handprint African animals after hearing about National parks in Uganda protecting the animals,

- Learnt that there are lots of refugees in Uganda, and thought about what we would pack of we had to leave our homes quickly,

- Tried some African dancing in the hall - we did a fabulous job of shaking our hips 😊

- Learnt that lots of people in Uganda struggle to find water and food.


This week the toys have come alive! We have:

- Written about what we think our toys get up to when we are asleep,

- Acted out our ideas for ‘What Happens Next’ in Toy Story,

- Made a friend for Forky - we had to buy the materials we wanted using the correct coins before making them,

- Used the ‘Chatterkid’ app to make a toy come alive (see below),

- Looked at combining amounts of objects to find out how many there are,

- Gone on a ‘texture’ hunt outside.

The toys are alive...

Still image for this video
Class 2 have enjoyed using the ChatterKid app to make the toys come alive! We had to think about what they might say before recording our voices and putting our name on our work.

This week, some of the things we have been up to include:

- Exploring different toys, asking and answering questions about them (what they are made from and how we play with them).

- Learning about recycling materials, going on material hunts and writing what we know about recycling (see below for our videos that we made about materials).

- Exploring the idea of one more and one less when counting (lots of us used number lines for this). We had to find the key which was numbered one less than the padlock, and also program the Bee-Bot to find one more than a given number.

- Thinking about ways to be caring.

- Planning and making our own glove puppets - the grown ups were so impressed with how we sewed the pieces together!

- Learning a ‘Mr Jack in the box’ song.

- Going on a bear hunt for Forest Schools - we made a list of clues to look out for after watching a bear hunt video, then went to see what we could find. We ticked lots off the list, travelling through rivers and caves, and even think we found the bears’ house!

Dingle Dangle material hunt

Still image for this video

Incy Wincy material hunt

Still image for this video

Twinkle Twinkle material hunt

Still image for this video

Humpty Dumpty material hunt

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Miss Roberts and Mrs Jones have been so impressed with how we have settled back into school after our Christmas break! Some of the things we have been up to include:

- developing our recognition of coins through different activities,

- going on a coin hunt to free the Toy Story characters from their ‘jail’!

- writing about what we had for Christmas,

- discussing things we are thankful for, making thank you cards and writing a thank you prayer,

- enjoying exploring the new toys in our classroom such as the pirate ship, dinosaur jigsaws and diggers,

- taking part in our first guided reading sessions!

I’m sure the children will continue to build on this excellent start to 2020 - da iawn pawb!