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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Topic- Out of This World

Friday 15th May - Moon Landing Newspaper report


If you can watch the video on Youtube first then write a newspaper report about the first moon landing. I have attached 2 templates one with starter sentences on and one without, you may do either one!! Have fun!! Remember to add some direct speech in your report and try and make it sound exciting!!

Friday 15th May- Planetary Maths


Watch the video to refresh your memory on negative numbers then complete the worksheets. Worksheet number 1 is 'Finding differences between positive and negative numbers' and worksheet 2 is a task that requires you to order positive and negative numbers.

14.5.20- Alien averages


Use the data skills you have been practising to help the ESA (European Space Agency) to analyse these aliens.


For some calculations today you may need a calculator. I suggest you have a go first, then use a calculator if you need it. You are still practising finding the mean average.

14.5.20- Space Timeline


Read through the slides carefully- any questions please ask :)


You can present your work in your books, or using Google slides.


This website might be very useful;

7.5.20- Biography of an astronaut

I have attached some information about three astronauts below. 
I would like you to use this information, as well as your own research to write a biography about an astronaut.


The three astronauts I have suggested are;

Major Time Peake- First British ESA (Eurpoean Space Agency) astronaut to travel in space.
Helen Sharman- The first ever British astronaut.
Neil Armstrong- The first person to walk on the moon.

(You could also choose your own)


Read through the information and make notes.


Then write up your information into a biography using docs. Include an introduction and paragraphs for different sections of their lives (childhood/ family, education, time in space etc.)

OR- Create a biographical presentation using slides. Include an introductory slide, followed by slides for different sections of their lives (childhood/ family, education, time in space etc.).

OR- If you would prefer, you could answer the questions on the astronauts. If you choose this option, please aim to do at least 2 of the astronauts. 


You could submit your biographies here, but it would be great to see some in the stream today. That way other children can see what you've done and learn about your astronaut.

7.5.20- Major Tim Peake Maths challenge


On December 15, 2015, Major Tim Peake became the first British ESA astronaut to travel in space when his mission was launched on Soyuz TMA-19M. He spent 6 months on the International Space Station (ISS).

I have attached a maths challenge in which you will find 16 amazing number facts about this voyage.

Please read the instructions VERY carefully.

Please only open the second document once you have finished- otherwise you will spoil it for yourselves a little.

If you need any support, please ask :)



Solar system extras


Below are some extra activities for you to try if you have finished your factfile and maths problems.


Solar system Factfile


This term we will be studying the topic of Space.This should bring some welcome variety to our maths and literacy activities :) Over the next 2 days, we would like you to create a Solar System fact file.

We suggest you do this using Google Slides, or in your book if you would rather do it that way. You choose. Please add images or your own drawings.
There are 8 planets in the solar system, as well as the sun, and the dwarf planets.

Aim to complete at least one whole slide per planet. You could aim for 2 slides of information per planet if you want to push yourself.


Start with the sun, and then the planets (in order of how close they are to the sun)  

Check out this BBC Bitesize lesson to help you learn the order.


Remember to include:
Detailed information
Coloured backgrounds


We have attached some information to get you started, but use the internet for your own research as well. Please write the information in your own words, rather than copying.


Solar system Maths problems


Follow the link.


You will find 5 pages of space themed maths problems for you to try over the next 2 days.

Complete these in any order you wish.


If you get stuck or need any help on a particular section, remember to ask.

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