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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday, 7th May

Bore da Pawb!

We hope you are having a great week and making the most of this lovely sunshine.

The teachers have been taking part in more challenges for you to watch on Ewloe Green TV. Try working out the songs the teachers are 'gargling' as well as trying to match the photos of teachers when they were a little younger. Finally there is a song we have recorded just for you! It's all just a bit of fun but we hope you enjoy watching!


If any of you have photos of your VE decorations, send them in.



LO: design a poster

Watch the short BBC film clip and then, using the information, design a poster advertising VE Day.

Remember to use bold lettering, colour, pictures, text, dates etc. Colour your poster neatly, try to outline it to make it stand out and use guidelines to help write the lettering so it is all the same size. Take a photo of your poster and we'll display it on the gallery. 


A Little Extra

Find two more interesting facts about VE Day and add it to your fact file.

Handwriting ~ capital T

Copy the card into your book.


Task 1

please see below a picture of the mental maths. Could you complete section C please?

Task 2 

you have now planned your gifts for VE Day. Your next job which you can do on the back of your poster for literacy is to design a layout for a street party. 

  • draw your street then draw shapes on your street with each shape standing for a different item at the party. 
  • Create a key to explain what your shape stands for e.g. If you have drawn a triangle to represent a chair, a square to represent the BBQ and a circle to represent the bouncy castle, you would write it as below: 

= triangle = chair 

 = square = BBQ 

O = circle = bouncy castle 


Your challenge is to see how many different shapes you can name and use to design your party. Don’t forget you have unlimited budget so let your mind run wild. What do you think should be at a VE Day street party? AS STATED ABOVE, PLEASE SEND OVER YOUR PICTURES SO WE CAN UPLOAD THEM TO OUR WEBSITE. 


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