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Thursday 7th May


On Friday 8th May Europe will be commemorating a very special 75th VE Day but of course this year we will be celebrating it at home. We thought it would be nice to build the excitement and awareness for this special day by basing our activities around this memorable event. First of all read through the VE Day PowerPoint which explains why we celebrate VE Day and will hopefully generate a curiosity to want to know more. We have also put a few optional VE Day themed activities on if you would like more ideas such as baking and bunting making. We are ‘Out of office’ Friday with it being a Bank Holiday but we would love to see how you have celebrated this special event at home or even at a socially distanced street party. 

Literacy - For today’s task we would like you to create a ‘Thank You’ card for the veterans who bravely fought in the war. There is one very special man right now called Captain Tom Moore who captured the hearts of the nation by completing 100 laps of his garden to raise money as a thank you to our NHS for all of the hard work, especially now during the Covid-19 Epidemic. You might like to make him a thank you card for his bravery not only in the Second World War but for his role in the fight against coronavirus. 


Challenge - If you are would like a bit of a challenge with your writing you could write Captain Tom Moore a thank you letter. 

Numeracy - today we are going to have a little think about during the war times. Because food stopped being delivered from abroad, there was not very much food available, so people had to ration their food. This means they could only have so much a week so there was enough for everybody. They also didn't have very much money, so they weren't able to spend much on food - they didn't have cupboards full of lots of food and treats like I'm sure you lucky children do! During the time of the war people used different money to what we use today, but to make our challenge a bit easier we will use today's money. Your challenge is to use your ration money and see how you can spend it in different ways - look at the page below to see how much some of the rationed foods cost. Use coins to help you if you like,. 

What Makes Ten - this song may help you to find different ways to spend your 10p!

Extra challenge - You may be planning some special celebrations for VE day tomorrow. Could you create some bunting or a celebratory flag to decorate your party with - your challenge is to use what you have learnt about symmetry or pattern this week in your design.
Phonics - we hope you enjoyed your Morse code challenges yesterday! Unfortunately my little assistant was unavailable and tucked up in bed by the time I got round to making these videos so they won't be half as entertaining I'm afraid. These messages are only two words long today if you found yesterday's a bit long (sorry I got carried away yesterday!) They are also written below if you prefer to look at them that way. 
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