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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 7th May

Phonics activity


Our sounds of the day are ‘ir’ (Whirl and Twirl), ‘er’ (Better letter) and ‘ur’ (Nurse with a purse).


Task  -  Can you create a poem using as many words with the sounds ‘ir’, ‘er’ and ‘ur’

It could be a poem about the special nurses that are working so hard at the moment to look people that have coronavirus. Remember poems do not need to rhyme and they don't need to be very long!

Topic activities 


Literacy focused activity

Tomorrow it is the VE day 75 year commemoration day and you have a Bank Holiday to look forward to. Look at the VE day commemoration powerpoint fact sheets below. Lots of children were evacuees during the war (evacuees were children who had to move away from their parents and homes to keep them safe, often in the countryside). Can you have a look around your home and think about what you would take with you if you had to leave your home? Draw what you would take in a suitcase. Label the items you would take. Can you now write sentences explaining why you would take the things you chose? I have attached a document with a blank suitcase you could print and draw/write on if you wanted to!


Measure focused activity

Think about rationing and how people used to make everything from scratch. Perhaps you have done more cooking and baking during the past few weeks (Mrs Marten certainly has). Can you pretend you were a child in WW2 and try to make something today WITHOUT wasting anything at all. 

You could make  a biscuit, playdough, cakes, toast or a sandwich, whatever you want. Think about how much of each ingredient you would need using scales and jugs to measure. How much would you need for one person/two people/three people, thinking about our work on repeated addition and multiplication. 

You do not need to record this activity today, just have fun making something for your lunch and explore the weight/capacity of different foods. Perhaps you could estimate the weight and capacity of ingredients before you weight/measure them too. Have fun!

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