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Thursday 4th June

Sports Day Results


Thank you to those pupils who sent their Sports Day Results to us. Below you will find the Sports Day Results of those pupils for both Class 9 & 10 on different sheets.

We have decided to keep the results anonymous and have identified each child with a letter.

Below are some questions we would like you to attempt. 

1) Can you find the highest/best results from each of the events in your class? Identify the result and child letter. 


2) Compare your own personal results to the highest results in you class. What is the difference between each of the results?


3) Compare your own personal results to the teacher results on the teacher's example video. What is the difference between each of the results?


4) Can you order each of the results for every event, from lowest to the highest?


5) Choose one of the events. Using your class results, create a tally chart.


 6) Using your tally chart created in question 5, now create a bar chart.


7) Choose one of the events you completed. Write a set of instructions on how you completed the event.


8) Complete an analysis of your Sports Day. Include two events you were best at and why, and one event you would like to improve on.

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