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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 4th June

Bore da pawb!

Many thanks for all your score sheets. Mr Swede has collated the data for an activity you will see lower down.

We have had lots of great photos showing us your sports day activities and your yoga poses. We definitely have quite a few warriors in year 3! If the yoga exercises are something you enjoyed, why not keep practising.


Healthy Eating

Watch the powerpoint below. It will show you the different food groups and how each group, when put together, makes a balanced diet.

Then complete the 'divided plate' activity. Remember to make healthy choices.



Hello all, as Mrs McLellan has said above we have created a table with all your results. there are two section class 7 and class 8. Below the table are a few questions for you to answer, some you will need to create a graphs or a pictograms, others you will have to order number and some you will need to practise addition skills. It's your own choice how many questions you do but we would like to see three attempted. (Bonus info, if you look on the 3rd page you will see some examples of a pictogram and a bar chart. 

Data Handling work. UPDATED LIST

Below are a couple of activities you may like to try.
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