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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 30th April

Numeracy - Yesterday you made a little mouse house. Today, can you make a tree for Owl to live in? Collect some natural resources from outside to make your tree with - you will need leaves and 3 types of flowers or blossom. You might even want some grass to create a ground for your tree to grow from.  If the weather isn’t nice enough to go outside collecting, then you could make some leaves and different colour flowers out of paper or any other craft items you may have at home. Using the picture below as a guide, create a tree for the owl. (You can draw the trunk outline first, or also collect some twigs to use for this). Count out the number of each natural thing you use - can you create a table to show how many of each item you used?


Challenge - could you show your number in your table as a tally? When we tally, we draw straight lines down and when we get to every fifth number we draw a line across to make a 'gate'.

Tally marks - you can do the fifth mark the same way each time if you prefer.

For an afternoon challenge, if the weather is nice and your grown ups aren't too busy and are able to take you outside for a walk, could you choose some things you may see on your journey, (such as car, tree, lamppost etc.) put them in a table and mark a tally every time you see one of these things? If you can't go outside you could have a try using things in and around your house (bed, chair, door etc. ). Have a look at the documents below as examples or you may choose your own things to hunt for! If you choose to use the sheets there are a couple of blank spaces for your own ideas if you'd like to think of your own.

Literacy - “A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good”. 


Todays task: To identify rhyming pairs. Can you spot the rhyming words in the story. Wrote down and record the rhyming pairs you can find. 


Challenge - Make some bingo cards and play a game of rhyming words bingo or play a game of pairs, turn the cards face down and see if you can find the matching rhyming word to make a pair. 

Phonics - Your blend trails looked like so much fun! Today your task is to create a blends book using all of the words that you came up with earlier on in the week. On each page write a blend and draw a picture of something that starts with that blend, you could write your words around in all different colours. You could do this on the app ‘Bookcreator’ or any other way that you would like to present your work. 
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