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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 30th April

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We have already started to receive some of your super videos -  Diolch!! 

If you haven't yet, please could you download Selog 2

(again it is a free App), and practise the song - Clap Clap 123. 


Please send the clip to your teacher by Friday lunch time so that we can create another super video!

Troi / throi  = turn   

Ein               = our     

Dwylo           = hands 

Cwtsh           = hug    

Sws            = kiss 

Task 1 - Can you play guess who?

Think of clues about the colour and write them down.

Can you see if your Mum / Dad / Brother / Sister can guess which crayon you are?


Here is an example: 


I work the hardest.
I even work in the holidays!
I am very over worked.
I colour things like fire engines and apples…
Which colour am I?

Extension - Can you play guess what with household items?



You should use me in the morning.

You should use me before bed.
I make your mouth much cleaner.
I make your teeth shine bright.
What am I?

Task 2 - Can you play shop with your crayons?

How much does the crayon cost? How much money will you need to give? Remember what you did yesterday.

Extension - Can you give too much money and work out how much change you will need to

Our sound of the day is ‘ow’. – Brown Cow.


Task 3 – Can you create 2 cows. One that looks like a real cow, and one that looks a bit strange!

You could use paints, tissue paper, playdough or pencils.


Under the ‘real cow’ write the words below that are real words and under the strange cow write the alien ow words.


Brown , mown , town , pown , clown , plown, frown, drowp , wow, now, plowp, slowt, crown,

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