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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 2nd July

Numeracy - Use your playdough from earlier in the week (or some you already own), can you create some treasure coins? Roll out your dough, place some 2p coins on the top and cut them out - you will need 10. 


Make yourself a little foil boat (or if you have made a recycled material boat you may choose to use that instead!) Pop it in a bowl of water (or even the bath or paddling pool weather dependent!) See how many pieces of your playdough treasure it can hold before it sinks! Count in 2s as you place the coins into your ship - can it hold all your treasure or what number do you get to before it sinks?


Challenge -  repeat but this time make 10 5p pieces or treasure then 10 10p pieces of treasure - can you count up to 50/100 as you place your treasure in the ship?

Phonics - today we are going to play a game with our new double letter sounds ‘ll’, ‘ss’, and ‘ff’.


You will need a dice and the table below. Roll your dice - can you write a word containing the sound? Play as long as you like, you may take it in turns with someone else. Who has the most ‘ll’ words? ‘ss’ words? ‘ff’ words?


(If you were in school yesterday you may prefer to look at the phonics activity for 'ff' on yesterday's page as this sound was introduced then)

Literacy - Today we are going to become pirates, if you have a pirate costume wear it for the day. Draw or take a picture of yourself as a pirate and label e.g. pirate hat, sword, parrot etc.


Can you make a boat using recycled materials? There are lots of ideas online that could help you plan.

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