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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 2nd April

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A note from Miss Hughes - Thank you very much for the birthday emails, the class card, flowers and even some children singing happy birthday via email today! Class 4, you really have made me smile today, thank yousmiley

Task 1 - Evil pea is up to his old tricks once again! Can you create a wanted poster to help Supertato catch the Evil Pea?


Extension - Can you write about where he was last seen? Was he under your bed or maybe peeking out of your wardrobe?

Task 2 - Can you go for a walk along your street and draw the different houses? Can you number each house? This can be the actual house numbers or you could make them up (if the houses have names). Can you colour the even houses in one colour and the odd houses in another colour?


Extension - Ellie says that 167 is even. Is she right? Can you explain your answer?

Task 3 - Our sound of the day is ‘or’. – Shut the door!


Task – Using different strips of paper, can you write different words which have the sound ‘or’. Can you then put these on the door. Each time you open or close the door – can you read some of the words?

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