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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 26th March

Bore da pawb!

All ready for another day of learning? Why not start it off with Joe ~ 9 a.m. on YouTube and perhaps listen to David Walliams at 11 reading another story from his book, 'World's worst Children'.

Thank you for all your photos and emails. It's great to keep in touch with you. Keep sending them in.



LO: finding the meaning of spelling words.

Using this week's Spellodrome list, choose 8 words and use a dictionary or google to find the meaning of them. Set your work out like the examples below.

  1.  isolate ~ to be alone or apart from others.
  2. distance ~ the length of the space between two points.


Once you have found their meanings, write each one in a sentence of their own, eg

  1. We have been told to isolate from each other.


Handwriting ~ capital 'L'

Copy the card into your book.


maths today will be putting together the math skills we have worked through the week. INVERSE! 

          2 4            4 5           4 5 

       + 2 1          - 2 1         - 2 4 

          4 5            2 4           2 1

So if we know that 24+21 = 45 we can also see that 45-21=24 and 45-24=21.
No calculations needed just show the patterns. 

Extra bit of art 

I saw this and thought what an awesome and simple activity to do. Please give it ago and take pictures of your attempts. 

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