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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 26th March

Bora da! We hope you are all well and keeping safe. It has been so lovely seeing how hard you have all been working at home! We want to say a huge well done and thank you for all of your support and effort you have put into your learning! The pictures have been keeping the smiles on our faces so keep them coming and remember we are always here! :-) 


Literacy - Today we would like you to practice reading and writing the first set of High Frequency Words. A great way to practice leaning these words is to copy, cover and check the HFW and then have a go at putting them into a sentence. The activities are differentiated so go as far as you are comfortable with.  In the folder below are some extra challenge cards for each word on this weeks list, you might want to just choose one word or go for it and do all 5! 

Numeracy - Let’s make the most of this sunshine we’ve been having! Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning about measuring in different ways and different comparing words such as taller/shorter, heavier/lighter etc. Today can you choose some of your toys (such as figures) that can stand up unaided and line them up from tallest to shortest? Make sure you line them up facing the sun - look at the shadows they make. If you do it on a path or paper, you can draw around their shadows using your chalk on the path or pens on the paper.


Challenge - can you use Lego (or something similar) to measure your drawings - how many blocks long is the shape you have drawn? If you really want to impress us you could ask a grown up or older sibling to help you write down your measurements in a table like the one below.


Extra challenge - can you leave your toys lined up and see what happens to the shadows throughout the day?


(If for some awkward reason the sun decides not to come out today you could try this using a lamp or torch in a darkened room - although please don’t draw onto the floor!!)



Our sound today is:




Practice writing the sound in different ways - try and write it today with your finger on different textures, or even in sand/soil/something messy! 


Watch the first video below to help you form your letters correctly. Watch the second video and sound out each word as it appears - can you read each word out loud? When the video has finished see how many words you can remember and write them down!

‘th’ formation

Still image for this video

Read and remember words - you’ve got to be quick!

Still image for this video

A little bit of fun...


Ask an older sibling or grown up to ask you these questions and write down your answers or record your answers by filming you speaking. Keep the answers safe - they will make you smile in years to come!

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