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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 23rd April

Literacy - In the story Jake and Holly have a tea party with a dragon! Collect or make some snacks to have your own tea party, if the weather is nice you could have a garden party. Below is a recipe to make some yummy scones for your tea party (if you are lucky enough to have flour). 
Task - We would like  you to create an invitation to your tea party. You could choose your favourite character from the story to invite. Don’t forget to include all of the details below:
Time :

As an extra task you could make some decorations for your tea party. 

Numeracy - We would like you to go on another treasure hunt today - this time your grown up or sibling needs to hide pirate treasure (different coins) for you to find! Before going on your hunt you might want to dress up like a pirate and have a look at the things below to help you recognise your coins.

Can you find the coins around the garden/house and sort them into groups? Can you tell your grown up what each one is worth? Now have a go at drawing around your coins or even making rubbings, using crayons and putting your coin under the paper.


Challenge - set up a little tuck shop for snacks! Have a pound's worth of coins to buy your snacks with - throughout the day you can buy whatever snacks you like whenever you like...but once the money has all gone that’s it - no more snacks! Here is an idea of how much things may cost but feel free to change to suit you.



For a trickier challenge, have a try of the game below:

Phonics and reading - Today we are looking at the red words:


I / the / my / you / said / your / are / be / of / no


Task – Can you create a ladder on the ground with these words? Start with three and hop on each word. If you get to the end, add another word and hop from the start. Keep going until your ladder is complete. If you would like an extra challenge to complete you could try to use the tricky words in a sentence - can you say it out loud or write it down?

Floating and sinking extra challenge! Earlier in the week you may have investigated whether your treasure floats or sinks. This afternoon if you would like to, you could have a go at making your very own pirate ship model. Can you make a boat that floats? Can it hold some of your special treasure?!

This is quite a long video today so you may wish to split it up into chunks if you’d like to have a go!

Pirate Kids Yoga!

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