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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 21st May

Phonics - Our sound of the day is




 Shut the door!


Task – Using different strips of paper, can you write different words which have the sound ‘or’? Stick these on a door. Each time you open or close the door – can you read some of the words?

Morning activity - we have decided to combine the literacy and maths together this morning! Can you choose one of the Welsh recipes and measure carefully to make it? If you would like an extra challenge you could make a poster to put up in a Welsh cafe to advertise what you have made! 

- If you don't have the ingredients today, you might like to have a go over the half term.

- If you don't have pizza dough, you could always use a wrap, or even a piece of toast as your pizza base!

Mr Hapus Ydw i

Mr Hapus is someone you all know - Mr Happy!

Mr Trist is someone who we like to cheer up - Mr Sad

Mr Tawel is someone that we haven’t met before - he is Mr Quiet!


In school there are 2 other people we sing about 

Mr Flin - Mr Angry

Mr Wedi Blino - Mr Tired

Could you perform them for someone in your house?

Here is a karaoke version - can you perform your favourite ones to the music? Remember to add our actions!

Afternoon challenge - this afternoon we would like you to think of something to do that will make you and the other people in your house 'hapus' (happy). Hopefully the wonderful sun will be out again like yesterday and you could do something fun in your garden! Another person you could be is 'tawel' (quiet) - can you think of something you could do quietly in your garden, or maybe do some colouring or a jigsaw? Whatever you do, please don't make your grown ups 'drist!' (sad). If you want to do a little something extra you could choose a couple of feelings and write a sentence about things that make you feel hapus/drist/flin (angry)/tired (sad) or draw a picture of them.
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