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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 18th June

Handwriting activity


Can you read the 'air' poem below all on your own? Now can you either - 

write it out as neatly as you can or...

make up your own 'air' poem

Topic/language activity


Can you look at the pictures of different books below and talk to a grown up about which are fiction (made up) and non-fiction (fact) books.

Can you create a non-fiction book about something which interests you. Now read it to someone in your family! As many of class 5 know, Oliver LOVES hot air balloons and has worked with Daddy on writing his very own non-fiction book. Enjoy listening to Oliver 'read' his book to you...he has had it read to him so many times he has memorised the whole book!

Oliver's non-fiction book

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Pattern challenge


Put clothes pegs on a line in a pattern. You could do a colour pattern e.g red red blue red red blue etc or if all your pegs are the same colour you could do a number patter e.g. 2 pegs 3 pegs 2 pegs 3 pegs etc.

If you want to you could use some other objects at home to show pattern, e.g. show colour using lego or crayons, length using sticks or creative. 

Thomas' non-fiction book

Noah's book

Noah's roblox book

Paige's book

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Thomas' video

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