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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 18th June

Wednesday’s work - great whirling and twirling!

Numeracy - Choose an iSpy page and fill in a table like the document below to record how many of each item you can count (grown ups the answers are also there to save you counting - just ignore the sum and answer parts and look at the boxes next to each picture.) There are two levels of the counting so choose which one you think is best for you! 

Challenge - Once you have counted all the beach items, use your hwb account to access the bar chart program and display your results using the bar chart - instructions for using hwb are below if you need a little reminder.

Literacy/Science - There are so many fun activities to do at the seaside! My favourite thing to do is to grab a bucket and spade and build the biggest sandcastle on the whole beach and decorating it with lost of beautiful shells, then a flag on top to complete it. 


Today we would like you to design and build your own sandcastle. If you have sand at home or kinetic sand then great, however, if you don't then you can make sand of your own and to make it even better it's edible too! Grab a box of cheerio's, rice crispies or white chocolate coco pops and crush them down into dust. If you have a blender then this will bend it into a finer sand. 


Turn it into an investigation - How much water is needed to make the perfect sandcastle? Start out with a plastic cup of sand and add a bit of water at a time until the sand becomes sloppy, but be careful not to add too much water so that it wont hold into shape. What can you use to decorate your sandcastle. 


If you don't have any sand or cereal to make sand then you could use mud or just draw your sandcastle and remember to add some decorations. We can't wait to see your creations! 

Phonics - our sound is:


shut the door!


Could you make some little ‘doors’ on a page, write an ‘or’ word on your door then draw a picture of your word so when you open the door you see your picture? For your doors cut out rectangles from a different page and put sticky tape where the ‘hinges’ are.


If you’re feeling fancy you might even choose to make your doors look like little beach huts!

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