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Bore da Pawb!

How are you all today? We hope you are ready for some more work today. Thank you all for sending emails with photographs of your work. We have received lots of super pictures. Keep sending them in.smiley


Please remember to have a go on Readiwriter and TT Rockstars.


LO: Dictionary skills

The task today is to use a dictionary (either a book or ipad/computer) in order to find the definitions (meanings) of words.

Complete both sheets.



Maths. Apologies for scribbles, only had last year’s to hand.

Your challenge today is to count in hundreds, tens and ones. Count the colours on the abacus to work out the values. Then have a go at the waiters money trays.


LO: to use maps

Today you are going to need the blank map of the the British Isles and the blank map of the World.

We have already looked at the map of Wales. Now you are going to see how Wales is part of the British Isles and how the British Isles is part of the world.

Complete both worksheets.


Label Ewloe on the British Isles map and then label Wales on the world map.

Which continent do we live on?