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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday, 14th May

Bore da pawb, thank you for all the lovely feedback and pictures that we have been getting. Please make sure to keep up with spellodrome and TT rockstars throughout the week. It has been a pleasure seeing some of your hobbies/interests so please send in any pictures of you completing these activities.  


Today’s maths looks at congruent shapes. Congruent = same so the work today has you looking for the same shape which is also the same size, it might not be facing the same way to make sure you’re vigilant. There is a video below explaining this process in greater detail. 

Congruent Shapes | Geometry | Kids Academy

Now the kids can have fun learning questions and quotations marks with our teachers. Welcome our new video: Congruent Shapes | Geometry | Kids Ac...

Handwriting - capital W

Copy the card carefully into your book.


LO: to understand the life of a Roman soldier

  • Watch the short film about a Roman soldier.
  • Read the sheet which gives you information about what a soldier would have worn.
  • Write 10 facts about the Roman army using the sheet and film to help with your answers.

The Roman Soldier

In this video you can learn about the equipment Roman Soldiers used to wear.

A Little Art Activity

Have a go at designing your own Roman shield

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