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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 13th May

Class 3 -

Class 4 -


We are loving receiving your Welsh singing videos, they are fantastic! 

This weeks song is Cywioci - Teimladau (Cyw's feelings song)-
The children are very familiar with this song and love to sing it in school!

Please send the clip to your teacher by FRIDAY  lunch time so that we can create another super video! 


Cywioci - Teimladau (Cyw's feelings song)



Over 7 weeks of lockdown

We're all wondering where the time went

If we've done enough with our children

Or if the time could have been better spent


Did my child complete enough writing?

Why won't they sit and do as I say?

I know everyone else is coping

But I feel like I've lost my way


Please be kind to yourself all you grown ups

You may want to scream, cry and sob

Whilst surviving this uncharted territory

You are doing a wonderful job


It's OK to feel like you're struggling

But please believe us when we say

That whatever you're doing, it IS enough

We're all making it through our own way


No need to feel pressure or guilt about school

School will be there when all this is through

We think you're amazing, and so do your kids

So thank you for all that you do


We have had a few emails over the past couple of days concerning children feeling worried, anxious and more emotional than they normally do. It is absolutely normal to feel like this, for children and adults too. We have all experienced such a big change! If you need us for any support please get in touch, we are here. We have attached a link below to a lovely short story for children who may be feeling a little worried during this time. It is good to talk about your feelings. Stay positive year 1, this will not last forever!

Task 1 - There are lots of people that work in the zoo. Can you find out about the different jobs and what they entail? 


Extension - Can you draw pictures of the different zoo workers?

Task 2 - Can you create a map of a zoo? It could be like Chester Zoo or you might want to design your own with your favourite animals!


Extension - Can you create a key to show which animals are where?

Task 3 - Our sounds of the say are ‘ee’ – (What can you see), ‘ea’ (Cup of tea) and ‘e’ (he / she / me / we / be!) 


Can you write words that have the different sounds ‘ee’, ‘ea’ and ‘e’. Can you then sort them out into 3 groups and find out which sound has the most words?

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