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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 11th June

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Class 3 -

Class 4 -

This week we would like you to dance along to the song

'Can y Sw!' 

When you see the different animals on the screen, can you dance like those animals! We would love to see clips of your animal dancing! 

Remember to ask Mummy or Daddy to send the videos to your teacher by Friday lunch time at the latest! 

Cân y Sŵ | The Zoo Song

Mae llwyth o ganeuon i'w canu, gemau i'w chwarae a rhaglenni i'w gwylio ar wefan Cyw! There are lots more songs to sing, games to play a...

Task 1 -  WHO AM I? Can you solve these animal clues?


  • I have a great BIG TRUNK and a BIG BODY. - Who am I?
  • I am the TALLEST animal in the zoo. - Who am I?
  • I have black and white stripes and I come from Africa. - Who am I?

Challenge - Can you create your own? Can you test your clues out? Can your family or friends guess the animal?

Task 2 - There are lots of different animals in a zoo! Can you sort the animals below into the Venn Diagram? You will need to research what they eat. 



Challenge - Are there any other animals that you could add to the Venn Diagram? 

Task 3 - Our sounds of the day are ‘i-e’ (Nice smile), ‘igh’ (fly high) and ‘y’ (There’s a fly in the sky.)


Can you think of words with these sounds and then sort them out into the correct groups?

Which sound has the most words?

Guess the animal!

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