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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thurs 14th May

Thomas’ stick marble run game

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Cameron’s game of hide the Stick Man

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Seren’s message to the boy who cried wolf.

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Sophie found a story that reminded her of the Boy Who Cried Wolf...the Gigantosaurus!

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Here’s Joel’s super wolf!

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Alice had some advice for the boy too.

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Literacy - The stick man goes on a big adventure where he meets lots of animals and people. Your task today is to write a new part of the story. Take your Stick man on your own adventure around the house, garden or out on your daily walk. Who does he meet, what does he see? You could take pictures of your Stick Man on his adventure and make a book using ‘Book Creator’. You can record yourself telling us about your Stick mans adventure or if you're feeling brave write it down.


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Phonics -  Our sound of the day is ‘igh’. – Fly high!


Task – Make a paper airplane! Can you decorate the airplane with lots of ‘igh’ words.


You could use a stick to write your 'igh' words into soil!


Numeracy - earlier this week, you used sticks and natural items to have a go at forming your numbers. Today, we would like you to think about making different shapes.


Last week you practised using your tallies to record numbers. When we think about tally marks they are like little sticks! Today we are going to use them to record information about shapes.


Look at the shapes I have made in the pictures. Count the number of sides and corners each shape has. Use tallies to show how many of each you have counted. 


Use the table below as a guide for setting out your work.

Challenge - could you look at the 3D shape I have tried to make? Do you know the name of it? See if you can make any models or 2D/3D shapes with sticks you have at home. If you find it tricky to balance the sticks you could use some playdough to attach the sticks together where they join.

Penblwydd Hapus!!


It's Joel’s birthday today! We also had another 2 birthdays at the weekend from class 2, James and Malcolm, so a big ‘Happy Birthday’ to all three boys! To help them celebrate, we thought you may like to play a game of ‘musical statues’ with a twist! Set up shapes on the floor (you could draw pictures of 2D shapes, or if you want to play with 3D shapes, you could find a cube/cuboid etc around the house and place them on the floor. Play the game as normal, but when the music stops, the DJ calls a shape and all the players have to run and stand by the shape called. What other musical games do you know that you could play? 

Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry (Author)

Age Range: 4 - 7 years. When Stick rescues Stone from a prickly situation with a Pinecone, the pair becomes fast friends. But when Stick gets stuck, can Ston...

Afternoon challenge - In the story Stick and Stone become great friends. Can you think about what makes a good friend? Who is your best friend and why? Write a letter or record a video to your friend/s to let them know how thankful you are to have them as a friend and what you look forward to doing together when we can see each other again. 
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