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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Thursday 11th June

Numeracy - This week, Miss Roberts has been busy collecting data from the children in class two to find out their favourite animal from Chester Zoo! Today we would like you to use the link and information below to create a bar chart.

- Look at the tally chart results - can you make your own table and write how many votes each animal received?

- Click on the just2easy link and follow the instructions on the PDF below to complete your bar chart. There is also a challenge on the PDF you may wish to have a go of if you so choose. Your log in details were sent home on a little laminated card before school closed - please check in book bags and reading records if you don't think you have seen this. If you are unable to find them then please email your teacher who can help you further.


If you are unable to access the online program, you are also welcome to use pen and paper to create a bar chart.

Literacy - Today we would like you to design your own zoo! You could draw or paint your zoo and label the animals, build a zoo out of lego\duplo or even make a zoo out of play dough. We have already seen some lovely creations this week. Can you describe your zoo and how the animals need looking after, what are the zoo keepers jobs? 

Phonics - Todays sound that we are revising is 'igh’ - Fly high


Choose an activity from the bank of pictures (on Tuesdays page). These are just some ideas to help you to practically practice Phonics at home as we know that writing is not the most fun method! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, we have seen some brilliant ideas that you have been trying. 


  • Pasta Phonics 
  • Egg Smash Phonics 
  • Duplo Phonics Builder 
  • Water bomb Phonics 
  • Alphabet sound jump
  • Play dough phonics
  • Bead Threading Sounds 
  • Digging For Phonics 
  • Football Phinics 
  • Kitchen Roll Ping Pong
  • Fairy Dust Phonics 
  • Space Rocket Phonics 
  • Ping Pong Ball Phonics 
Bonus afternoon activity - Create a zoo animal silhouette. It doesn’t have to be a water colour background regular paints will work just as well or even colouring pencils. Do you remember when we looked at our own silhouettes in school? We used a torch to see our shadows and the outline of our face. It was so much fun!
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