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Always Aiming High โ€“ Aneluโ€™n Uchel O Hyd

Term 3

We are so proud of how hard you have all worked this year!
Here is our special Year 2 video!


Last week, in small groups, the children planned their own D.T project. They all were very imaginative and came up with some super answers! This week they set about making their designs. Here are some of their finished pieces! 


Heddiw in 'Ysgol Coedwig' we went outside to enjoy the heulwen!
We had an important create a castell!
We had to think about where we wanted to build it and how to make it as 'real life' as possible!

We all had lots of fun and it was wonderful to listen to the children telling us all about the different aspects of their castell!


We were super lucky to receive some special items through the post from our focus artist Josie Russell this week! Josie Russell is a Welsh textile artist and has created some amazing pieces of art. This children were so inspired they decided to make their own fabric castle picture.


As a class we wrote an email to say thank you for the examples she sent through and to ask a few questions. We can't wait to receive a reply!


Josie also sent through some business cards for each of the children to take home. They will have these tonight so do look out for them!  


This week in maths, we have been looking at directions, left and right. We have created a path and then thought of clear instructions to help Owain Glyndwr arrive at his crown. 


Today we were visited by King Edward!!
We couldn't believe he decided to come and visit us.
He even brought his funny jester with him!

We found out lots about King Edward and this is what we thought about his visit:


It was scary as we didn't want to be sent to the dungeons. - Oliver
I thought that the Jester being sent to the dungeons was funny! - Medha
I liked it when Mrs L-J was told off and I was scared as Mum said he might send me to the dungeons! - Sam C-Sh
It was exciting because we finally got to meet a king! - Theo

I was excited to meet the king! - Charlotte

It was funny when we found out King Edward was lazy! - Sofia 

I really wanted to wear the Kings crown! - Ragavi

I was nervous meeting him because he might have sent me to the dungeon! - Amelia H

King Edward

Still image for this video


Chirk Castle here we come!!


When we arrived, we met Rachael and Alun and we had a chat about some of the castles in Wales! They were impressed at how many castles we knew! 


We found out that:


Chirk Castle is over 700 years old and it’s not a ruin because people used to live in Chirk Castle so it’s been looked after really well! 

It’s such a busy castle so we said we would help look after their castle but to do this we had to be dressed as servants!


Afterwards, we had a look at the castle’s well and then found out that only 25 people used to guard the castle. This was because Chirk Castle had so many defences! 


We were super lucky as Alun told us all about the different weapons and defences of the castle! 

We had lots of fun looking at the different armour and even got to try some on! It was super heavy!


We had lots of fun going down to the dungeon, the steps were wobbly and small so we had to be super careful! It was really cold and dark! I’m glad that my children were there to look after me! 


After the dungeons we went into the house and were able to see where some of the families lived. We spent lots of time in the long gallery and thought of all the different things people would have done in that room. We had fun thinking about the things that we would like to do in the huge room. Then we had a look at some of the toys the children would have had along time ago. 


They had dollies - but not made out of plastic!

We saw their bats and balls- they were made out of wool,leather and wood.

We had a look at one of their wooden books which would have taught the children to read and we couldn’t believe that they only had one page! 

We were interested to see what was on the page and some of the children recognised that it was the Lord’s Prayer! 


As we were being super stars, Rachael let us have a try with the cup and ball! We thought is was super frustrating but really fun! 

We even got to have a go at quoits. 


It was interesting to hear the children’s opinions on what they would prefer...playing the castle games or playing on their IPads!


After our busy morning we had a yummy lunch! Rhian said it was the best lunch she has ever had!! 


After lunch, as the weather was on our side the children had a run around in the gardens! They were very imaginative and enjoyed making up some castle games.


After our run around, we went through the main house and went for a hunt for lots of different coat of arms. The children were amazed at how many there were. 


On the way back to the coach we loved looking at the outside of the castle, we saw where the moat would have been, and thought about the reasons why the castle was built on a hill and near a river and forest.


What a busy day we have had with lots of learning taking place.

The children were super stars and made us all very proud. A big thank you to Mrs Woodward for helping on our trip. 


In preperation for our trip tomorrow, the children have enjoyed finding out a bit about Chirk castle. They have used their ICT skills to research the castle and then present some of their findings. 


I am sure after our trip tomorrow the children will all know lots more! 


Please can all children wear their school uniform and bring a light waterproof coat. Also a small rucksack for their lunch would be useful however please ensure all bags and coats have names in. 




Today we had an exciting visit from Mark. He is a wonderful tennis coach from Hawarden Community Tennis Club and gave us a taster session in school as a special treat!

He said we were all so super that we could have some special invitations for a free event on Sat 22nd June. The children will have these in their reading books tonight! 


This week we have had a little look at 2D shapes. We have spoke about the names of regular shapes and their properties. We also had a look at irregular shapes and talked about their names based on their properties. The children then enjoyed looking at different shapes around school and using the IPads to record their names and properties. 


This week we have enjoyed looking at the artist Paul Klee. The children responded to his art work and then created a picture of Chirk castle using Paul Klee as inspiration. 

Below are some of the childrens beautiful finished pictures...


This week has been our Health and Well-being Week’. 

During forest schools we decided to make our friends using natural materials! We then thought about all the lovely things about them and shared this in groups. The children had lots of fun working together with Class 5 too! 


Croeso yn nol!
Unfortunately the weather is not on our side this week at all!
Although sports day is cancelled we will still be heading outside to take part in our Forest School activities so please come into school tomorrow with your Forest School clothes!


So far this week we have had fun looking at prepositions in Welsh. We have been asking where things are and replying too!


To help us remember ‘Uwch ben’ - above, we put Cerys uwch ben Ben!!!!

To help us remember ‘O dan’ - under, we put Cerys o dan Dan!!!!


Could you teach some of your family members at home Class 6?


Ble mae'r ddraig?

Mae'r ddraig uwch ben y Brenin.


Ble mae'r faner?

Mae'r faner ar y castell.

The children have worked so hard this week that we decided to pop outside for a little bit this afternoon to create habitats for our mini-beasts!
Mrs Lincoln-Jones wasn't sure if the mini-beast were real or not!


The children have loved using the 'Top Trump' cards which they made for homework in class this week!


This term the children have enjoyed learning the different mini-beast names in welsh.
This week the children have then used this in a sentence to say where the mini-beasts are.


Ble mae .....? (Where is....?)


Can you use this pattern at home?


Ble mae...? 7

Still image for this video

Ble mae...? 6

Still image for this video

Ble mae...? 5

Still image for this video

Ble mae...? 4

Still image for this video

Ble mae...? 3

Still image for this video

Ble mae...? 2

Still image for this video

Ble mae...? 1

Still image for this video


The children had so much fun today on a bug hunt! They then recorded which bugs they found using a tally chart in preparation for next week where we will be drawing our own bar charts! They were ‘Bug-Tastic!’ ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿฆ—๐ŸฆŸ๐Ÿ›๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ•ท๐Ÿž๐Ÿœ๐Ÿฆ‚๐Ÿ


It was wonderful this afternoon to head outside and join the Year 3 classes! They helped us to plan our story which we will start writing this week...’The Cautious Child‘...this is our own version of ‘The Cautious Caterpillar!’ ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ›

The children thought about things that would be different in Year 3 and their thoughts on these changes...then the lovely Year 3s helped to reasure us that these changes are going to be for the better!! 


I can’t wait to read the childrens finished stories over the next two weeks! 


We have had our National Tests this week which has meant our routine has been a little different to usual - however the children have, as always, been wonderful.
This morning we ended our week with our assembly. The children were arddechog! They all used their big voices and it has been lovely to see so many of them thinking about the message of our assembly on the lead up to this week.
Often they have come to me and said,
'Mrs L-J, you just used my positive word!'
'Look - that's my positive word!'.
Enjoy your weekend Class 6! You deserve it after working so hard!

Positive words

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Eeek! Our assembly has very quickly crept upon us!
Please could all of Class 6 practise the song - Positive by  Taio Cruz (Link is below) ready for next Friday (10th).

I will give out lots of Dojos to my superstars that work hard on learning it!

Our assembly is all about being positive and using positive words. Children have created a poster in school with their positive word on it...however, if they would like to create a different one at home - no problem!


Happy – max
Awesome – Oliver
Great – Amelia B
Bendigedig – Cai
Wonderful – Ragavi
Special – Rhian
Beautiful – Josh
Fantastic – Medha
Well done – Ben
Bravo – Evan
Funny – Sam D
Amazing – Charlotte
Anhygoel – Daniel
Brilliant – Theo
Cool – Zac
Gwych – Euan
Da iawn – Sam G
Marvellous – Lucas
Outstanding – Sofia
Arbennig - Isla
Super - Hannah
Arddechog - Sam C-Sh
Fabulous - Amelia H
Super duper – Catrin
Good – Sam Cr

Please could these be in by Tuesday (7th).  


Many thanks as always for your wonderful support!
Mrs Lincoln-Jones

Positive ~ Taio Cruz! Lyrics!

Positive ~ Taio Cruz! Lyrics! i hold no rights to this song! all rights go to taio cruz!


Today, during P.E we had lots of fun outside practising our sports day technique! We enjoyed working with the other Year 2 class and can't wait to practise again on Friday!

Welcome back! Croeso'n nol! Everyone has made a wonderful start to our new summer term!
We have had lots of fun already, looking at insects as our new topic is Minibeasts!

Today we went outside and collected leaves, twigs, stones and pinecones. Then we used these to create our own symmetrical insects! We wrote about them using adjectives to describe them!
The children would like to know...what do you think is their next steps to improve their insects?

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