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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Term 2.5

We have been super scientists this week! We enjoyed investigating what material would be best to make an umbrella with, testing if they were waterproof and if they ripped. We measured the same amount of water each time to make sure our test was fair, and recorded our results carefully. As part of our weather topic, we have been looking at lightning this week, thinking about how to be safe around electricity and writing rules for this. We also loved investigating using the electric globe, testing what materials the electric would like to travel through. We were all brave enough to touch the globe too! Luckily the glass kept us from getting a shock. In our numeracy sessions this week, we have been learning all about o’clock, and have really enjoyed using the different types of timers in the areas, seeing if we can beat the clock to complete challenges we have thought of!

We have enjoyed being mummies and daddies this week giving the babies a wash in the bath! We have also been busy in the block area building a family home with an upstairs and downstairs. Last week we had some special visitors who told us about a school in Uganda that Ewloe Green are going to help; we were very shocked to hear that lots of the people who live there have no shoes. Because of this, in our outdoor learning this week we tried a bare foot sensory trail, seeing how different materials such as pebbles, polystyrene, tinsel and paint felt to walk on. We thought of describing words for these different things, and also played a tickling game where we had to close our eyes then guess what our friend was tickling our toes with! Even though we had lots of fun doing this, we realised that walking everywhere everyday with bare feet would not be very fun at all. We also used our shoes to measure different items in the outdoor area, finding things longer, shorter and the same length as our feet. We designed posters for the Ewloe Green shoe drive where we are asking for donations of unwanted shoes next week. In Letterland we have been busy writing about our mums and making Mother’s Day crafts, whilst in Numberland we have been looking at patterns and words to describe different temperatures. We have also been making things and practising songs for our Mother’s Day assembly.

We have been continuing to learn about our topic of the weather this week. We have enjoyed playing in the ‘snow’ during our choosing time, and have also been learning about the equator, and why some countries have hotter weather and some have colder weather. We were very lucky on Thursday and had a visit from ‘Pandemonium Theatre’ who performed some of their Tales of Wales for us to watch. Some of us were invited to take part! We really enjoyed the show  We have also been making some things out of clay...more will be revealed next week smiley
We had a brilliant day on our trip to 'Imagine That' this week! There was so much to explore and do. We enjoyed exploring all the role play areas and dressing up. We made bath bombs, painted our own fridge magnets and made slime - we got to take all these things home with us! We also loved the science room; there were lots of things to investigate. One of our favourite parts was the huge bubble maker where we could stand inside a bubble! We also got to watch a science show, involving volcanoes, bubbles and rockets. We were all very tired after such a busy fun day!

A massive 'da iawn' to Eira this weekend - to celebrate turning 5, she decided to raise money by cutting her hair. Money she has raised will go to Cancer Research Kids and Teens. At the time of writing she has raised over £500 which is absolutely fantastic! Eira has also donated her hair to the Princess Trust who will use her hair to make a wig to help put a smile on a poorly person's face. Bendigedig Eira - we are very proud of you for being so kind and generous, what a thoughtful thing to do!


If you would like to donate to Eira's fundraising, please speak to Eira's mum Sherry on the yard or search for 'Eira's birthday charity chop Sherry Edwards' on Google. Diolch!

A super first week back in class 2! We have started to learn about our new topic of the weather, exploring different 'wind' themed challenges in the areas such as making windmills or blow painting. It was also pancake day on Tuesday, so we explored lots of pancake activities in our PE sessions, balancing and flipping our pancakes, and racing with them in our teams! We have been exploring our new role play areas, the travel agents and the weather reporting station. In Letterland, Miss Roberts was so proud of our independent writing about our half term holidays, and in Numberland, we have been looking at subtraction and estimating.
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