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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Term 2.0

We have been learning all about Wales this week as part of our celebrations ready for St David’s day. We have been learning about symbols of Wales, writing about and drawing them. We enjoyed acting like dragons in our outdoor learning sessions, creating a lair for them! In forest schools, we continued our bear hunt work, this week going on a hunt around the area for bears before playing spelling games with the sounds on their tummies. We also went on a nature scavenger hunt. Throughout the week, we worked with Mrs Campbell to make Welsh cakes - blasus iawn! On the last day of half term, we were allowed to wear our Welsh costumes and red outfits. We created some beautiful still life drawings of daffodils - Miss Roberts thought that they were so lovely that she put them in the window for everyone to see! We enjoyed a St David’s Day assembly, and performed a range of Welsh songs for the rest of the Foundation Phase to enjoy.
Lots of fun this week based around ‘Harry and the Robots’ - a book we decided as a class to look in more detail at. We have enjoyed a range of shape based activities in Numberland, including playing with our new friends Sally Circle, Sophie Square, Rory Rectangle and Tommy Triangle, as well as building, painting and controlling robots. In Letterland, we have enjoyed writing instructions about caring for Nan and making things to cheer her up, as in the story she becomes poorly. We have danced like different toys in PE, and continued exploring the apparatus in our gymnastics work. As a little treat for our grown ups at home, we made Valentine’s cards - Miss Roberts couldn’t believe how much more confident we were writing these than our Christmas cards just a short while ago! She was very proud, but she wasn’t sure who had written lots of them as we were sneaky and signed them with a ‘?’ ! It was also a sad week in Class 2, as we said goodbye to our lovely friend Harrison who is moving to Ireland. He brought us all cake as a treat on Friday. Lots of luck in your new school Harrison - we will all miss you lots and hope to see you again one day!


We made Miss Roberts very proud helping her with our class assembly on the theme of ‘obeying’. We each shared an important rule with the school before singing them a song and teaching them a dance - we had very clear voices and brilliant wiggles! Da iawn pawb!
As part of our Language Literacy and Communication week, we have been learning all about William Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. In Letterland we have been writing our own potions and creating optic poems, whilst in Numberland we have been sorting fairies according to given and our own criteria. We have made symmetrical patterns, and used Venn diagrams. Outside, we carried out an investigation to see which combination of ingredients would make the best fizzing potion - we enjoyed making a mess!

Week beginning 28.1.19

We have been continuing our learning about materials this week, but focussing on recycling. We have tided the beach and sea from pollution in the sand and water areas, and also enjoyed sorting the recycling in the recycling centre (our role play for the week). We have enjoyed explaining our ideas about recycling in Letter Land. In Number Land, we have been collecting data about our favourite toys. We have developed our understanding of presenting our data by using tallies, and presented our findings in a bar chart using ICT. We also created a class pictogram of our favourite toys - it came as no surprise that Lightning McQueen and LOL dolls were the most popular! We have been enjoying learning a song about 'Mr Jack in the Box' - we also made our own Jack in the Boxes by ordering and following the instructions, and helped Mrs Campbell to make a giant one for our new display!
We have enjoyed going to the E-Learning Plaza to explore the 'Book Creator' app. We have inserted images, text and voice recordings into our books; we are looking forward to using this app more in our topic work later in the year. As well as this we have been very busy creating art work for our displays. We have made teddies with moving arms and legs, and also have been busy making snow paintings and melted snowmen for our 'winter' display - very apt with the recent weather that we have been having! We have had lots of fun in our gymnastics lessons, exploring the different apparatus - Miss Roberts couldn't believe how high some of us carefully climbed! A very brave bunch of children! In Letter Land, we enjoyed writing about our teddies that we brought in from home. We used different adjectives and explained what we like to do with them. We have also been investigating different materials, exploring the school with magnets to see if we could find items that were magnetic and non magnetic. In Number Land, we have been using prepositional language to explain where different things are through different tasks, although we have been extremely clever this week and used our Cymraeg to do these activities! Bendigedig Dosbarth 2!
A very busy week in Class 2 this week! We have been exploring using money - we have used it in the toy shop for our Number land work and in our 'Argos' role play area. We have enjoyed a range of independent activities around the classroom, exploring the different areas. Our highlight was our class party to celebrate our recent 'excellent' inspection report from Estyn! We helped Miss Roberts plan what we wanted to do - our list of ideas was as long as her arm! In the end we decided to share with Class 1, and we had one party room with music, dancing, balloons and disco lights, and another party room where we could paint, play quiet games and do colouring and drawing. The best part was when we got to eat our delicious party cake - blasus iawn!
Class 2 are movie stars! Please click on the link below to see our version of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.
We have had a very busy first week back! We have been introduced to our new topic of ‘Toys’ and explored the areas taking part in a range of activities regarding this. We have had a lot of fun playing in ‘Argos’, learning how to find what we want in the catalogues before filling out the form and taking it to the till. We also had a little explore of the Argos website, although Miss Roberts stopped short of putting her credit card details in to pay for what we put in the trolley! In numeracy activities we have been developing our measuring skills, and in literacy, we have enjoyed talking about what we had for Christmas. We have also had lots of fun exploring these skills outdoors.
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