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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Term 2

It is our class assembly on the first Friday back after Easter - please try to learn these songs over Easter, lots of DoJos will be awarded when we return for the best singers! Also if you have lines please learn them and don't forget to email me your celebration pictures to share during our service. 

May I also take the opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all children and parents for your support over the last term - your children are just simply AMAZING! Enjoy your quality family Easter break!

Celebrate Jesus Celebrate - Integrity Kids - Heather and Jerome

This is a fun video we put together for part of a youth worship session. The song, although cute because it is sung by kids, advises us what we should already know as Christians... Celebrate as He is risen! We do not own the pictures or the music, please enjoy!

Hillsong Kids Every Move I Make CHILDREN LOVE THIS VIDEO

Week beginning 8th April - no forest school


Children have been exploring time with a focus on writing o’clock and half past in both words and digital time as well as reminding ourselves of how to write it on analogue clocks too.

We have been looking at fractions too and have been identify fractions of 2D shapes mainly focusing on halves, quarters and thirds. 


In literacy we have really been focusing on comprehension and we have been reading information about the Great Fire of London and answering questions in full sentences. We have also been completing sentences about the Great Fire of London by reading and selecting appropriate words.


BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO...Megan and Natasha who are in our golden book this half term and gained the headteacher's award - they really are a credit to our class family and Mrs Marten is SUPER proud of them both!


Easter has been a big topic and we have used colour and texture to create our eggs. Children have also worked on drawing straight lines with a ruler and recapped our work on fractions by cutting our eggs in quarters to create a shape of a cross.




Can you explore the websites below?

Week beginning 1st April - Forest schools on Wednesday 


We have forest schools on Wednesday, please remember to come into school wearing your forest school clothes and bring your uniform in a labelled bag for us to change into!


This week it is our International Schools week and we are focusing on Africa, with a specific focus on Uganda! We have been creating some wonderful Ugandan people, thinking about traditional fabrics and jewellery. We have also been writing postcards to our friends in our new partnership school telling them all about ourselves and our school. 


We have continued our work on maps and have explored Africa in more detail, using a key to show the location of African countries. 


In maths we have been looking at temperature and we have been comparing and contrasting temperatures in Uganda and Wales! We have been really smart and explored negative temperatures too!


We have had an amazing time in forest schools today and looked at what we buried two weeks ago. We talked about the big word BIODEGRADABLE. We also decided to make the most of the wet weather and did some muddy jumping!!! 


What a wonderful trip out to the Catalyst science museum in Widnes. The children and staff really enjoyed our fabulous fabric workshop and our operation earth workshop too! The children had the opportunity to use and develop many skills and now have plans of their own to create some wonderful fabric art! We also found out about our poorly planet and thought of things we can do to make it better!

Mrs Marten has been very impressed with the children's listening and participation today - thank you everyone! A HUGE thank you to Mrs Featherstone, Mrs Tariq, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lincoln-Jones and Mrs Parker for all of their help and to Mrs Molyneux for the organisation of it!


Take a look at the pictures and videos below - we have had a great but busy day!

Tie dying

Still image for this video

Tie dying 2

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Muddy puddles!

Still image for this video

Muddy puddles!

Still image for this video

Week beginning 25th March 2019 - no forest school this week


This week we have been super busy and have been exploring inverse relationships between numbers. We have also continued solving word problems, remembering to show our thinking too!


In language we have been recapping on using full stops and capital letters and have been using some more complex punctuation like ? and ! too. We have been been exploring reusing and recycling and thinking about what makes our world happy and sad, talking about this in both English and Welsh.


We have continued exploring the World and identifying which countries fairtrade foods come from. We have thought about our home, Wales and wrote about why living is Wales is so much fun = a display is soon to follow.


In P.E we have been continuing playing our mirror games and have been exploring throwing and catching and have started to use a racket too!


We have also had the opportunity to watch the production of A Midsummer Night's dream which has been wonderful. 


We have also explored making inverse calculations using sticks and stones!



Week beginning 18th March 2019 - Forest schools on Wednesday


Please remember we have our class photographs on Tuesday so remember to look smart!

This week we are really beginning to explore the World we live in and have started our week off with a visit from a charity called New Mind ministeries explaining their wonderful work in Uganda. 

In topic we have linked in our Fair Trade work to countries and continents and we have found places where FairTrade foods are grown around the World. We have also continued to create some wonderful FairTrade symbols too!


We have been writing some super simile poems about our special Mums and have become very creative by using paper art to create our cards for them!


In maths we have been exploring subtraction and using a variety of strategies to help us subtract two, two digit numbers. 


During outdoor learning we have thought about materials used to make objects around our environment. We had a vote and selected four different materials to bury! We chose paper, rubber, cardboard egg box and a sponge. We talked about why people buried things which were super precious many years ago. We also talked about what we thought would happen to these things underground. 

Isabella thinks they will all be dirty and soggy. Evie thinks that the paper will break because if it rains it will go down into the soil. Martin thinks that the cardboard egg box will stay how it is if it doesn't rain but if it does rain it will break. Millie thinks that because a sponge can absorb and hold water if it gets wet it will stay the same but will be soaking wet!

In a few weeks time we will dig up  the materials and find out what happened to them underground and whether our predictions are correct!


On Thursday we had a visit from Pandemonium theatre who retold some ‘Tales from Wales’. We really enjoyed the performance and found out about some popular traditional Welsh stories. Some of our friends participated too. Have a look at some of the pictures and videos below.


Mrs Marten has really enjoyed meeting all of your parents this week and telling them just how wonderful you are! EVERYONE in year two deserve to be super proud of themselves, da iawn!  


Pandemonium theatre visit

Still image for this video

Our super class 5 band!

Still image for this video

Column subtraction / Compact method subtraction with exchanging, using concrete resources

Learn how to use straws to help you understand the column / compact method of subtraction. First without exchanging, then with exchanging. You can use other things to represent tens and ones, such as lollipop sticks, tooth picks, Dienes equipment, place value counters etc...

IMPORTANT - Please could you remember to buy a copy of the Flintshire Evening Leader on Wednesday 20th March as there may be a little treat inside for all of our wonderful Mummies!

TT Rockstars

In class we are beginning to explore the website TT Rockstars (your log in details or in the front of your reading records), exploring multiplication and division (initially X10, moving onto X5 and X2). Feel free to explore it at home however it is a resource we are using as a school to enhance learning of multiplication and children will not NEED to go on it, just encouraged. 

When accessing the website please ensure that your child uses the 'garage' and 'arena' areas only as these are appropriate to your child!

Week beginning 11th March 2019 - No forest schools this week


This week we are super busy eating lots of wonderful (but slightly unhealthy) foods! We have been following our instructions we sequenced last week to make some super pancakes and have enjoyed some delicious toppings too! We have recapped our work on halves and quarters, work on weight and capacity and also used counts to buy toppings too, we’ve developed so many skills! 


We have also done some tasting of yummy fair trade chocolate, from dark to milk and from white to even PINK!


We have found out about Red Nose Day, created some great joke book covers and have even created some jokes on our own!


We have been adding multiples of 10 to two digit  numbers and showing our working outs thinking about our preferred strategy. Next week we will be exploring subtraction!



We have also done a very grown up reading and spelling activity and have proven to be wonderful readers and spellers - well done everyone, Mrs Marten is so super proud. 


Thank you for the bottle tops and egg cartons, we have plenty of these now but would still appreciate fair trade wrappers!

Week beginning 4th March 2019 - Forest school this week

This week we are exploring lent and why we celebrate pancake day! We have been looking at instructions and sequencing them correctly to help us when we make them next week! We have also explored weight in our outdoor learning environment, exploring the weight of natural environments.


In numeracy we have been buying things to make our pancakes and adding up the prices of two different items, both costing a two digit number! We have explored the straw strategy below to help us - take a look at the video at home!


We have been exploring rhythm in music and singing times focusing on o'clock and half past. We have also linked our time  work to Welsh and played the game Faint o'gloch mister Blaid? 


We have explored Lent and the reason why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday - the countdown to Easter is now on! As part of this work we have been looking at temptation and explored the Bible story 'Jesus in the Wilderness'. We have also explored how countries celebrate pancake day differently and found these countries on a World map! 


We will be exploring FairTrade next week! Please bring in any FairTrade wrappers you have for our display and our work! Remember you will be awarded a DoJo for each wrapper you bring (it must have the FairTrade symbol on it)!


We had so much fun in ‘Ysgol Coedwig’ today!! 

The children enjoyed splashing in the puddles and used skills learnt so far this week to create some amazing MUD PANCAKES!!


They worked in small teams which consisted of some children in Class 5 & 6. They had to think about each step by using time ordering words and bossy verbs when giving each other instructions. 

Their imaginations ran wild - using stones for eggs, grass for flour and of course muddy puddle water for milk! 


They looked good enough to eat...ish! 


As you will see - we love having the chance to get muddy during Forest school, therefore we kindly ask that you send the children into school on these days with their uniform and school shoes to change into after the session. 


Column addition / Compact method using concrete resources

Learn how to use straws to help you understand compact method of column addition, first without carrying, then with carrying. You can use lots of other things to represent tens and ones, such as lollypop sticks, tooth picks, dienes equipment and place value counters

Week beginning 18th February 2019 - No forest schools


What a super busy week we have had already! We have continued our work on Andy Warhol and created a whole class display on his work, we really enjoyed exploring with the paint this week! Please explore the video below. 


We have also been celebrating St David's Day this week, learning the National Anthem and the song Dau Gi Bach! See videos below! We have also explored a map of Wales and researched rivers, mountains and towns using the internet. We have retold the story of Saint David and also sorted David's vegetables into a Welsh Carroll Diagram!


We have thought about our learning on our topic 'Livewires' and evaluated our learning! 


In Maths we have been working on problem solving activities and have been exploring ways we can solve problems. We have been reading problems and thinking about the important information in word problems! We have also used the Spheros to create 2D shapes, thinking carefully about the differences between hexagons, pentagons and octagons!

Our fabulous Welsh performances

Still image for this video

Our St David’s Day performance

Still image for this video

Our National Anthem

Still image for this video

National anthem of Wales (WLS/EN lyrics)

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau - Land of My Fathers --- Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau is the national anthem of Wales. The title - taken from the first words of the song - means "Old Land of My Fathers" in Welsh, usually rendered in English as simply "Land of My Fathers".

Dau gi bach a caneuon Cymraeg

Dau gi bach a caneuon Cymraeg

Andy Warhol's Marilyn Diptych Explained

Andy Warhol used a famous photograph of Marilyn Monroe to make an artwork which is like an advert. In this work, he used a printing technique by pulling inks through a screen mesh using a rubber squeegee. So that, he could quickly reproduce the same image on lots of different canvasses.

Week beginning 11th February 2019 - Forest schools this week


This week we have all been amazing already and Mrs Marten is super proud. In Maths we have been exploring Carroll Diagrams, odd/even numbers and we have touched on 2D shapes too! In P.E we made a giant Carroll diagram using ropes and we sorted ourselves into glasses/no glasses and pumps/trainers and then into boys/girls and jumpers/no jumpers!


Outside we have been making pin wheel turbines, developing our fine motor skills when cutting. We read instructions and put them in the correct order to help us make them. We made our pinwheels and will explore how they move in the wind!


We have explored the art work of Andy Warhol and have created our own lightbulb art based on his working style.


In topic we have made timelines showing how wind turbines have developed over the years. We developed our numeracy skills too when we looked at the dates, comparing larger numbers to find out which event came first! We have also been working hard on our comprehension activity exploring electricity. We used different colours in a text to highlight answers to our questions.


We have looked at the story of the Maccabee Brothers and have been thinking about the meaning and messages in the story! We know that nothing is impossible!



Week beginning 4th February 2019 - no forest schools this week!


What a wonderful week we have had so far! We have enjoyed exploring William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' this week and have developed so many of our skills through this whole school focus week!


In maths we have been exploring capacity and used our outside classroom to create a range of mysterious potions, we have been using < and > again to compare volumes and also explore using ml. We have also created a set of Midsummer Night Dream Top Trump cards, recapping work on comparing numbers. 


In English we have been using adjectives to describe characters and using these adjectives for our acting/green screen hot seating activity - see some super videos below! We have also been writing sentences using careful punctuation, describing characters. We have continued our work on Haiku poems and have created some wonderful poems based on main characters!


We have compared the Shakespearean story to the story of Santes Dwynwen, identifying similarities and differences. We have explored the story through dance and created our own sound effects for each of the scenes!


We have explored the feelings of jealousy this week and also thought about ways of staying safe online as part of internet safety week!

Hot Seating - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

more super videos!

Still image for this video

even more!

Still image for this video

Week beginning 28th January 2019


This week Mrs Marten has been thrilled with our super writing homework about the car stuck up a tree! You are all so imaginative and remembered to use some super punctuation too!


This week in number work we have been exploring the symbols < > and = and used these when comparing two and three digit numbers! We have also been playing a comparing numbers game in the e-learning plaza, recording our results on a simple table!


We have been exploring Haiku poems in language and have been exploring winter poems. Mrs Marten is now delighted that the children can now answer comprehension questions about a text using full sentences - fingers crossed the children will do this in their homework too! We have also explored syllables in winter words and used out hands and instruments to play the syllables in words. This week we have found out all about verbs and identified verbs in a poem. 


We have continued looking at electricity and explored which circuits worked and which didn't, giving reasons why! We have also started to draw our own circuits too!


In P.E we have created a small electricity dance and Mrs Marten has been delighted with our creativity and teamwork skills. 


In Welsh we have revisited our work on feelings and spoke in simple terms about how we felt. 


We have begun to talk about our special week next week with a whole school focus on the Shakespearean play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. We have started to watch a little of the play on C-Beebies! Why not watch it over the weekend, the link is below...



Week beginning 21st January

What a busy start to our week! Mrs Marten has been busy giving out Spellodrome dojos - remember you must get 1000 points a week as part of your homework! We have been amazing readers too!


This week we have focused on Santes Dwynwen and we have been reading the story in Welsh! We have described Dwynwen using adjectives and sorted statements about the story into true and false columns! We have also used the green screen to talk about what we would wish for if we were Dwynwen! See below for some super videos!


We have continued our work on partitioning and have been problem solvers, exploring different ways of making a two digit number using multiple of tens and ones!


In French we have been continuing our work on numbers to ten and colours - tres bien!


On Tuesday we had a visit from the fire service and talked about ways of staying safe, have a look at the fire safety website below!


We have explored thunder sounds in Music and creative dance and talked about lightning being a source of electricity. We have also explored electrical circuit symbols and have started building our own circuits this week!

Our Green Screen Santes Dwynwen videos

Still image for this video

More super videos

Still image for this video

Santes Dwynwen videos

Still image for this video

Lightning and Thunder Song | Nursery Rhymes | + more Kids Songs

Watch Our Most Popular Videos Here: SUBSCRIBE HERE: Lightning and Thunder Song | Nursery Rhymes | + more Kids Songs The Lightning and Thunder Song! Why does thunder make a big crash? What is lightning? Find out in the educational song! This video also includes a lot of other educational songs for kids.

Week beginning 14th January 2019

What a fabulous second week already (it's only Wednesday)! We have been busy continuing our work on partitioning in numeracy and have been adding two two-digit numbers, partitioning into tens and ones. In science we have been exploring electricity and finding out what objects are powered by - mains, battery or both. We have also been playing with toys and have been exploring what electricity can produce - sound, light, movement and heat! Why not explore the electricity safety game on the link below at home!

We have been continuing to learn our numbers to ten in French, next week we will be exploring colours in French too! Have a look at the French number videos below!


In language we have been working on the story of the storm, children have been very creative and become little actors, acting out the story amazingly well! They have also been sequencing and retelling the story.


In forest schools today we have been exploring how a variety of materials move in the wind (typically there wasn't any wind today)! We have also started to talk about how wind can produce electricity!

Numbers Song in French. Une Chanson des Chiffres.

It's a numbers song in French. Une chanson des chiffres pour les enfants. Written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Copyright 2010 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved. This is an ORIGINAL song written in 2010 - any copying is illegal.

French Lesson 17 - NUMBERS 1-10 - Learn French - The French Minute Learn in one minute the numbers from 1 to 10 in french. Apprenez en une minute les nombres de 1 à 10 en francais. French Numbers Song 1-10: Spanish Numbers Song 1-20: Spanish Numbers 1-10: Spanish Numbers 1-100:

Week beginning 7th January 2019 - No forest schools


Happy New Year! We are looking forward to an exciting new year and exploring electricity this half term - be prepared for an electricity hunt around the home over the weekend! 

Before Christmas we had a chat about our assembly with the theme 'Hopes and Dreams' and some children have asked for lines to read for out play called the 'three trees'. Please remind your child that they do not have to memorise the lines, just be confident when reading them. Of course if they want to memorise them then that is fine. Our assembly will now be on Friday 25th January.

Please see the video of our the story our play is based on below. 

The Story of the Three Trees - HD

The 3 Trees - as told by "Once there were 3 trees that stood upon a mountain top, and dreamed of what they wanted to become..." A beautiful story about our plans vs God's plan, as told by For more Lent resources, visit the Xt3's Lent Calendar at

The children have settled back into life in year two very well this week after their two week Christmas break. They have been writing creative recounts of their Christmas news, using connectives and adjectives as well as independent thank you letters!

In R.E we have been thinking of prayer and have used our fingers to remind us of things to pray for in our lives.

In topic we have been thinking about what objects use electricity and what things don't and we have been asking ydy o'n/hi'n defnyffio trydan? (Does this use electricity) and answering using ydy/nac ydy (yes/no). We have also been thinking about all of the things we know about electricity and what we want to find out. 

In maths we have been thinking about partitioning and we have been breaking two and three digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones, using numicon and place value arrow cards to help us!

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