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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Term 2


Today we had a super special visit from Mr Slater! We love our visits from him as he always tells us such wonderful stories from the Bible. 


One of his messages was how much we are loved by God. Catrin helped to demonstrate how much God loves us by helping Mr Slater during the assembly. She was given the last chocolate in the world and given the choice...she could eat it or she could give it to a friend. 

Catrin being as kind and wonderful as she decided to give it to her friend, Isla. 

Mr slater explained that this is similar to what God did as he loves us so much he sent his son Jesus to help us. 


He helped to teach us the true meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it.

A big well done from Mrs Lincoln-Jones for how hard you have all worked so far this year and I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday. 






This week the children have enjoyed being out in the sunshine in our special outdoor area. We have been looking at reading the time on a digital clocks, and using chalks, the children created their own digital clocks thinking about how many minutes in half and hour and an hour. 

Look at those super, happy smiles!


Catalyst Museum 

We have had an amazing time on our school trip! When we arrived we went straight to our first session all about the earth!

We helped the doctor to examine our earth and found out it was a little poorly! 


Amelia H helped to test the earths temperature and found out it was too hot!


Ragavi helped to test the air and the results showed the the air quality is worse now then it used to be.

We thought about why this was and ways that we could try to help make this better. We decided we should try to use our cars less and try to walk and cycle more. 


Oliver tested the earths water sample and found some interesting things within it such as fish, straws and plastic bags. We decided we need to try to reduce the amount of plastic we use and try to make sure we recycle a little more. 

Under the microscope we found out that there is even plastic in some of our clothes and when washed in the washing machine tiny particles are going into the sea. 


We also looked at the earths surface and learnt that the earth’s biodiversity is low. We learnt that insects help increase this and therefore we need to try to help encourage the insects a little more. We learnt about how pollination helps our earth and Euan, Cai, Medha, Josh, Hannah and Max helped show us all how pollination works.

Following our pollination activity we managed to increase the earth’s biodiversity a little to help make the earth feel a little better. 


Just before our yummy lunch we had a chance to explore the science museum. There were lots of great experiments and we all enjoyed exploring and experimenting. 


Finally, as our tummies were always on a school trip, it was time for lunch! We all had a very yummy lunch! Blasus iawn!


In the afternoon we had our second workshop where we found out about dying different fabrics. 

First we did some research and found out how people a long, long time me ago used to dye their clothes. 

They used plants and we enjoyed looking at the different fabrics colours and the plants that were used to dye them. 


Then we were able to have a go at dying our own fabric! But we were able to use super bright dyes! ‘Not like in the olden days!’ Said Rhian.


Whilst our fabrics were drying our next job was to try doing some printing! We couldn’t believe that was how our picture t-shirts are made! 


First we had to choose what shape we wanted, then we chose which colour we wanted. 

Afterwards we worked as a team to cover our pictures with paint and couldn’t believe the amazing shapes we made! 


It was safe to say the journey home was quieter then the way there! The children all made Mrs Lincoln-Jones super proud and I can’t wait to take them all on our next school trip to Chirk Castle in the summer! 

A big thank you to Mrs Robinson and Mrs Parker for helping looking after our little stars! 



We had lots of fun outside during P.E today. We thought about ways to exercise our heart and enjoyed feeling it beating quickly. 

We sure have some contenders for the cross country team! 



What a brilliant start to our focus week ‘International Schools.’

As a school we are all looking at Uganda. 


We have enjoyed looking at a map of Africa and, using skills learnt last week, the children have created a key to show some of the countries in Africa. 

We enjoyed looking at where Egypt is, as that’s where Sam has recently visited, and then we used his knowledge to help us when we discussed the different temperatures in African countries.


We then looked at the sorts of clothing worn in African countries and used our research to work with a friend to design some clothes and jewellery. 

We had lots of fun developing our fine motor skills threading beads to create them. 


We had an extra special treat today as we were able to watch a rehearsal of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ which is being performed by our talented KS2 children. 

We all thought they were brilliant and it was wonderful to watch their version of the brilliant story we all focused on a few months ago. 


The children were amazing in their assembly this week! A big thank you for helping them with their homework. They read out the story of the rainbow fish and times when they had been generous wonderfully. Mrs Lincoln-Jones is super proud of how much their confidence is growing and it is wonderful to watch them speak in front of a large group of children and staff with ease!

Da iawn pawb! Fel arfer, dach chi'n gwneud Mrs L-J falch iawn ohonoch chi i gyd!


Tales of Wales!

We heard great stories from Wales and even got to join in! We love our yearly visit from Pandemonium Theatre!  


Ysgol Coedwig!

We began our exciting science experiment today! As a class we had a vote on which materials we would like to bury.


Plastic - a chocolate wrapper

Food - a pear

Paper - a piece from out scrap paper draw

Seeds - Sam D had some melon seeds he wanted to plant


Following that, we predicted what we think might happen to the materials over time. The children came up with lots of great ideas!

This led us to discuss recycling and land fills.
We can't wait to have a little check up on the materials in about 3 weeks time!






It has been great to see all your Mummies and Daddies this week at parents evening and be able to tell them how super I think you all are! 

Mrs Lincoln-Jones loves hearing how proud your families are of you all and I know the children enjoyed reading their messages from last nights parents evening will the children tomorrow from tonight’s parents evening! 


We will send their sheets home tomorrow as I am sure you will love to put them somewhere safe and look back at them as you get bigger! 


We have also been super busy so far this week exploring the map of the world (Y byd 🌍).

We have looked in particular at the different countries that grow the fair trade foods we explored last week! 


Mrs Lincoln-Jones was super impressed at the children’s map reading skills and their ability to transfer information from one style of a map to another!

Super duper! 👍👍



What a busy week so far! We have enjoyed creating our pancakes by following our recipes which we ordered last week. There was so much maths involved including measure, quarters, halving and money!


We have also been tasting lots of different fair trade chocolate. A big thank you to Ameilia's Daddy who has provided the children with fair-trade orange juice and different fair-trade chocolate to try!


Following tasting the chocolate, the children wrote some fantastic welsh sentences describing which they liked and didn't like. They were even able to tell me why!


Dw i'n hoffi siocled pinc achos mae'n flasus.

Dw i ddim yn hoffi siocled tywyll achos mae'n chwerw! 


Mrs Lincoln-Jones is super proud of how wonderful the children's Welsh language is! The advantages of being bilingual are amazing and it is so lovely to listen to the children conversing in Welsh with each other! 




During P.E we had lots of fun!

We practised our rolling skills by creating a path using beanbags and foam squares.

The children started out by making a path with the beanbags and they had to roll the ball between them. Then to make it more of a challenge, they had to create a bridge to roll the ball on...but it couldn't fall off!

I bet the children will be super duper at bowling now!



We had so much fun in ‘Ysgol Coedwig’ today!! 

The children enjoyed splashing in the puddles and used skills learnt so far this week to create some amazing MUD PANCAKES!!


They worked in small teams which consisted of some children in Class 5 & 6. They had to think about each step by using time ordering words and bossy verbs when giving each other instructions. 

Their imaginations ran wild - using stones for eggs, grass for flour and of course muddy puddle water for milk! 


They looked good enough to eat...ish! 


As you will see - we love having the chance to get muddy during Forest school, therefore we kindly ask that you send the children into school on these days with their uniform and school shoes to change into after the session. 



Happy Shrove Tuesday! 

We are having a very ‘pancake’ themed week this week! Yum! 

The children have been busy ordering instructions on how to make pancakes - which we hope will help them next week as they will be measuring the ingredients and cooking some yummy pancakes for their teachers...we might share!!!


They have also been using their dictionary skills to create a shopping list so Mrs Lincoln-Jones knows what ingredients she needs to buy in preperation! 




Today we had a lovely day celebrating St David's day!
The children all looked wonderful in their colourful clothes and costumes.
(Thank you very much for all the effort you always put in.)

The children finished writing their stories all about St David and completed lots of St David day themed activities in the challenge areas.

We enjoyed learning the Welsh National Anthem and performing it to the rest of Foundation Phase. (WOW!)

We all are very proud of how well we learnt it and can't wait to sing along with everyone else during the rugby match on Saturday!


Dau gi bach

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Welsh National Anthem

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We have been awarded EXCELLENT in all 5 key areas! 


To celebrate, the children wanted to watch a movie and have popcorn and sweeties! 


We were super lucky too as Mrs Dyas brought each year a cake to share!!


Diolch Mrs Dyas! 




In science we have been exploring electricity and finding out what objects are powered by - mains, battery or both. We have also been playing with toys and have been exploring what electricity can produce - sound, light, movement and heat!



In forest schools today we have been exploring how a variety of materials move in the wind (typically there wasn't any wind today)! So we used our imagination skills and created some great stories! We have also started to talk about how wind can produce electricity!


Today James and Owen came into our class to show us an electrical circuit.

We were very surprised to see what happened when we closed the circuit.

Some of us were even allowed to have a go!

Thank you Owen and James for sharing your special surprise! crying


It's been a wonderful first week back! The children have enjoyed getting started with our new topic 'Livewires', and have learnt a traditional, welsh new years song!


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

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