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Always Aiming High โ€“ Aneluโ€™n Uchel O Hyd

Term 1


Wow! What a lovely end to this term! The children have had so much fun teaching each other how to play lots of different games. It is lovely to see children playing with some traditional board games!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all my kind gifts. You really didn't need to buy me anything and I really do feel so blessed to have so many kind and thoughtful children and parents in my life. Diolch yn fawr!


I hope you all have a magical Christmas together!

Nadolig Llawen!




Today we all performed our Christmas show! Of course I thought all of our stars were wonderful as always! Here is what the children thought:


Evan - I think the show was really, really, really good!

Amelia H - It was scary speaking through a microphone for the first time!

Oliver - I was a little embarrassed!

Catrin - I thought we were all really good!

Amelia B- I thought it was great being their with my friends because I felt less scared!

Ragavi - I thought it was tricky to control the microphones!

Rhian - We were all stars!

Sam C-Sh - It was really good and I wasn't scared because I was looking at my parents to not be scared!

Max - I liked doing the songs!

Cai - I was worried encase I messed up but I didn't!

Sam D - I think class 5 and class 6 should have 2 Dojos each!

Medha - I think everyone's costumes were lovely!

Charlotte - I was a little bit nervous speaking in front of all the parents.

Hannah - I thought my sister was super at singing!

Sam G - I thought all the classes did really well!

Josh - I was a little embarrassed (But Mrs L-J thinks I'm super!)

Sofia -I think we were all brilliant at remembering our lines!

Ben - I was a little scared with all the parents looking at me!

Theo - I think every class tried their best singing their songs!

Isla - I got a bit nervous but I'm glad Mummy and Daddy were there to see me!

Euan - I liked being a soldier.

Zac - I think every class needs a Dojo!

Daniel- I think everyone did a really good job!

Lucas - Every one was a super star!



Our trip to the theatre was super today! I hope our children have told you all about it! After the show we had a chance to meet the characters and asked lots of great questions! The actors were very impressed and enjoyed listening to us sing one of our christmas songs! 


This week the children have enjoyed using ‘WordFoto’ to create pictures out of words! They did these independently - Well done Class 6, they are super! 


We have just loved learning all about hot air balloons this week! We have been busy learning about the first hot air balloon flight and creating our own balloons and decorating baskets! We can’t wait to show you our finished product! 


Today Key Strings came to school and allowed us to take part in a wonderful show explaining The Great War through music! 

Year 2 marching!

Still image for this video


We has such an amazing afternoon in forest schools today! The children took out different modes of transport and went wild with their imagination! We also had so much fun playing in the autumnal leaves! 


Please Note: This is was our last forest school session until January ๐Ÿ˜Š


Plant Mewn Angen! 

Children In Need! 


The children had such a lovely week taking part in competitions, games and activities! 


Along side Children in Need, it has also been Anti-Bullying week! 

The children joined Year 6 to create an anti-bullying plate! They worked so hard that we have been allowed to display them in the Atrium for the rest of the school to see! ๐Ÿ‘




Both year 2 classes enjoyed working together during this weeks P.E session! We played a mixture of team games and even practised our dribbling skills! 


This afternoon during our music session, the children enjoyed listening to The Last Post. Before being told what the music was, they drew what the music made them think of. 


We were then super lucky to be able to welcome Mr Manford to play The Last Post for us on his cornet! 


Diolch Mr Manford! ๐Ÿ‘


Wow! The children have been so excited about coming back and sharing the research they did during the holidays about Remembrance day! 

I have loved hearing about what they have found out! 


We had a great morning today exploring our new outside area! We cant wait to continue developing and using it over the next year! 


Our final visitor this half term was from the Dogs Trust! We found out about how they help lots of different types of dogs and how we can be responsible dog owners! 


Today we couldn’t wait to see the vets! We found out they were coming into see us in the afternoon so in preperation some of the children thought of some questions they would like to ask! 


The vets taught us lots of things about x-rays, clothing worn, how to treat different animals and we even got to listen to the doggy’s heart beat! 


Forest school!๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฟ


Today we had so much fun! The children took part in two activities today; using clay to create their own pets with natural materials and creating animals out of leaves and twings! 


So many happy smiling faces! ๐Ÿ˜Š


Today we were super lucky as we had a chance to meet Mrs Jone’s dog Lili! Mrs Jones told us lots of great information about how we know if doggies are happy or sad, what they eat and how to train a dog! 


Some of the children used this new information in the small world area this afternoon to help the act out this weeks ‘Small World Senario’ : The dog keeps can you help train him to stop?


Diolch Mrs Jones and Lili ๐Ÿถ

Training the dog and cat (Independent Challenge)

Still image for this video


This week we have been checking we all know our capital letters and doing a little practise writing them out! A big thank you to Max who found this great colouring sheet which he wanted to share with his friends! We put it on the Phonics table for the children to use! They couldn’t wait for a chance to complete that challenge this week!! 


Today we had some extra special visitors!! ๐Ÿข๐Ÿข


We have had such an active week!


On Wednesday the children took part in the obstacle challenge to help raise money! Doesn’t it look fab! There were lots of smiley faces!! 


Also throughout the week, the children have had fun exploring our school grounds for things to measure! They used the ‘cm’ and ‘m’ rulers and even then used PicCollage to present their work! 

We have continued to work on our  focus story ‘Mog and the Vet’ and we are all excited to start planning our own version next week! 

In preperation for this, the children have been reading and improving the sentences from the story this week by adding adjectives! 

Adding Adjectives

Still image for this video


We have had another great week! The children have been busy plotting the story of ‘Mog and the Vet’ on a story mountain this week, alongside enjoying lots of activities to enhance their writing skills in preperation for writing their own version of the story in a few weeks. 


Here is some of the children’s work this week...

They have independently used BookCollage on the IPads to write/record some of the story! 


Da iawn Class 6!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Mog and the Vet 3

Still image for this video

Mog and the Vet 2

Still image for this video

Mog and the Vet 1

Still image for this video


Well what a busy week it has been! 


Oliver helped match the children with the animals that they like by reading their speech bubbles...’Dw i’n hoffi’r ci.’ 


In Number land the children were busy estimating and thinking of how best to group their cubes to enable them to count up how many there were! 


Sam and Evan matched the words that rhyme and though of some of their own rhyming words! 


In P.E we used our DCF skills to search for videos of different animals to help us with our animal movements! 


Theo and Isla created a dog kennel in the construction area! 





Week: 17.09.2018


As I was leaving school today I spotted this little one in the ‘Vets’ role play area and just had to share!! He did make me smile ๐Ÿ˜Š! 


Our children are having lots of fun looking after our accident-prone animals! I hope the vet bill isn’t going to be too much!!! ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

Week : 10/9/18

What a busy week we have already been having!


Sam enjoyed exploring the cubes in number land. After completing his number challenge he used the cubes to make some letters! Super work! 


Cai has been busy in the building area and created a cat carrier for Mog, who is the main character in the story we are currently reading, and Evan painted a picture of her! 


The girls were so proud of their fantastic music work they couldn't wait for me to take a picture! They both worked really hard to try and match some of the instruments to their names. 


The boys had fun creating the sound patterns on the cards. They then played the sounds for each other and tried to guess which card they had played! 


Da iawn Dosbarth 6!! 

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