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Birthday party time! 20th March

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Because we heard that lots of children’s upcoming birthday parties had been cancelled because of recent goings on, we decided to throw a surprise party so they wouldn’t miss out. A massive thank you to all the lovely parents for helping with all the treats and for working so hard in a short space of time to make this happen - we had a blast! A special mention has to be made to Sophie’s daddy, as even though she hadn’t been in for most of the week, he made an amazing cake and dropped it off especially - it was delicious, thank you! And also an extra special thank you for making sure I didn’t miss out on my potentially cancelled hen do - it meant the world that I could celebrate with my very own little bride squad 😊 a lovely way to celebrate - hopefully it won’t be too long until we are all reunited again!
We have had THE BEST day on our first ever school trip! The behaviour of all the children was impeccable and they have represented Ewloe Green brilliantly - Miss Roberts is one very proud teacher 😊 We made magnets, bath bombs and slime, and watched a super cool science show. We also got to explore lots of different science experiments and the role play village. I’m sure we will all sleep very well tonight - all the adults included! Da iawn pawb, lots of wonderful memories made today!

Our focus text this week was ‘How to Save a Superhero’. We have:

- Learnt about o’clock in maths, and made and trapped evil peas from ‘Supertato’ using a timer.

- Thought about superhero attitudes to learning, and written what our learning superpowers are.

- Used our super listening powers on a listening walk outside.

- Met a real life super hero, Mrs Lacey’s daughter Natalie, who is learning to be a nurse. We heard all about her job and asked lots of good questions. We then designed a superhero nurse uniform, including some of her special kit she uses to help make children feel better.

- Explored the ‘Comic Touch’ app to make a superhero comic front cover.

- Some of us have also made our own superhero movie trailers (see below). The rest of us will be making some ‘monster’ related ones next week!

Incey Wincey super hero video

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Dingle Dangles superhero video

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This week we have been learning all about Wales and dragons! Our focus book was ‘How to Catch a Dragon’ by Caryl Hart.

- On Monday, we celebrated St David’s day coming to school in our Welsh and red clothes. We enjoyed a show the ‘Tales of Wales’ - Eddie even got invited up to take part and was an excellent bunny rabbit! We wrote theatre reviews about the show.

- After reading the Dragon story, we made mind maps of all the things we would need to go on a dragon hunt adventure. We also visited the school library like Albie in the story and chose a book to use to help us make our own information page for a non fiction book (see below for our super work).

- In maths, we have explored measuring and used the language longer, taller and shorter. We have been comparing lengths, using a dragon tail outside to find longer and shorter things, and using a ‘ruler’ to measure dragons in our books.

- We have looked at castle features and castles in Wales; we have enjoyed building different castles and some children have included features like moats in their models.

- Children have worked with a partner to label dragons before decorating them.

- In our PE sessions, we have enjoyed practising our Welsh rugby skills and even started to learn a ‘Dawnsio Gwerin’ (Welsh folk dance) routine.

- We used an animation program on the iPads to make a dragon fly across the screen!

- We went to Dragon school instead of Forest schools this week! We learnt how to be safe around the fire circle before playing some dragon team games. During our games Miss Roberts had a phone call from Mr Merton the caretaker to say Toothless the dragon from school escaped! We had to listen to clues and hunt for things to help us find him - luckily George spotted him hiding in the branches.

- We also sported a squirrel in the school grounds so we watched him carefully - we noticed it was eating something. Once it scampered away Joel found it had been nibbling on a coconut shell - we have no idea where it came from!

Llongyfarchiadau to our winner William and our runner up Charlie from our Welsh art competition! The children made silhouettes of their friends and decorated them to look like Blodeuwedd, the flower lady from a Welsh legend. Children from class 1 judged the competition. Super work by all - da iawn pawb, and an extra special da iawn to the two boys!

Here are all the excellent information pages we made using a book we chose from the school library.

As part of our Expressive Arts week, we have enjoyed learning about different Welsh myths and legends! We have:

- Read the story of Blodeuwedd the flower lady and written our own ‘petal shape poem’ describing her,

- Answered questions about ‘Owl Babies’ (in the story Blodeuwedd turned into an owl),

- Created Blodeuwedd art using a range of media and exploring silhouettes and shadows - we took it in turns to hold the torch, make the silhouette of our profile and draw around it,

- Read the story of the bells of Cantre’r Gweulodd and explored capacity and origami boats,

- Enjoyed making pancakes in the water, play dough and loose parts area as well as real  pancakes on Shrove Tuesday - we washed up after ourselves too, so grown ups remember this is you need help doing the dishes after tea! 

- Taken part in different pancake races in PE,

- Enjoyed taking part in drama activities (‘Helicopter stories’) where individuals told the class a story, then other children acted out the story - Miss Roberts has been very impressed with the stories we have told and the actors’ interpretations! 

- The children have also done an excellent job during independent time this week; a group of children made their own puppets and puppet show theatre in the blocks, complete with labels, invites and tickets; other children have even been collecting information around the class about what they would like to eat before the show and writing a menu too! It is fantastic to see the children having the confidence to write independently and applying their writing skills during their own activity time - da iawn pawb!