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Week beginning  16th May 2022

This week the children have been learning all about Bees. In literacy the children have been creating Bee fact files and sharing the facts that they have found out too.

The children have also been tasting honey with Mrs Pritchard and were able to describe what it tasted like as well as if they liked it.

In Numeracy this week the children have been sorting mini-beasts using up to four criterion. They have had too look closely at each mini-beast and decide whether it has legs, no legs, wings or no wings. They did a super job!

The children then worked with Mrs Pritchard and had lots of fun smashing open the ice blocks to help the mini beasts escape.

In P.E this week the children have been busy practising for their Sport's Day. They are so excited for Monday afternoon, you are all certainly in for a treat.

The children have started to design and make their Beehive for our Platinum Jubilee whole school project. 

Our Vincent Van Gogh pictures are finally complete. Each group worked hard to paint an individual Sunflower and as a group they painted the vase together. Da lawn pawb!

Next Week 

w.b   23rd May 


This is going to be a very busy and eventful week. The children will be busy celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. They will be creating a portrait of the queen in the style of Monet. They will be making crowns for their street party, watching birds of prey, having their Sport's Day, taking part in a dance workshop, finishing their design project and also taking part in our school 'Bake Off' competition too.

Week Beginning 9th May 2022 

This week in Literacy the children have really enjoyed and been excited about the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. They have been able to create a diary for the caterpillar and have written what the greedy caterpillar ate each day of the week. They have also been using the puppets to retell the story and pictures to sequence the story too. 

We have been talking about Healthy food this week and the children were able to explain which healthy foods the caterpillar ate in the story and which unhealthy foods he ate too. 


They then made a delicious fruit kebab with Mrs Pritchard and looked a a book all about 'Healthy Fruit'. 

Yummy ! Yummy in my tummy!


This week we have been learning about the famous artist Vincent Van Gough and looking at his beautiful paintings. We particularly liked his ‘Sunflower’ painting and collaborated as a group to make our own version. We were able to choose how to colour our sunflowers using either water colours, oil pastels or felt tip pens. We even had a go at painting Van Gough himself using the water colours just like he did. We learnt that Van Gough painted sunflowers because they were his favourite colour was yellow as it made him feel happy. We talked about all the things that are yellow and how they make us feel happy too.

One of the children even dressed up as Vincent Van Gogh so the children could ask him questions.

As a group we wanted to produce our own version of his famous painting ‘Sunflowers’.

We have also been thinking about what delicious fruits we like to eat and we designed our own fruit salads too. The children had to look closely at the different shapes, textures and colours of the fruit. What delicious fruit salads they made ! YUMMY ! 

The children are so excited to see their beans beginning to grow.

In Numeracy this week the children have revisited the skills of adding and subtracting. This time they focused on using the squares in their Number Books to help them to set out and solve the number problems. They did a super job!!! 

The children have been making ‘The Life. Cycle of a Butterfly’ using pasta. They have also made hats to show how a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly.The children used collage skills to create a picture of a flower and were able to name all the parts too. They used card and sticky eyes to make a 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' too.

Next week as part of our 'In the Garden' topic, we will be looking at the life of a bee and why they are so important to us and our environment. For this, we are hoping to do honey tasting on toast as one of our activities, so we wish to ensure that all are happy for their child to take part in this. If you do not wish for your child to take part in this activity, please can you email school to let us know.


We are also going to be making bee houses as part of our school science project; this will require one empty, washed tin can, e.g. beans/soup and a kitchen roll tube for crafting with. We would very much appreciate if you could bring one in for your child and if you have any others at home that you could spare, that would be great. Please bring these in on Monday ready for the week’s activities.




Thank you for your continued support. We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard 


Week Beginning 3rd May 2022

The children really enjoyed their school trip to 'Imagine That' on Tuesday. All photographs can be found on our Reception home page. I am exceptionally proud of how well they behaved and how well they listened both on the bus and at 'Imagine That' they were extremely courteous with the staff there too.

The children have been able to talk about their school trip in detail. They have also been able to write a sentence about their favourite thing that they did there. 

They also went outside to see what lovely flowers they could find too.

The children discussed planting seeds and they wanted to find out lots of things. As a class they came up with lots of questions. They planted some seeds in a bag with Mrs Pritchard to find out if they could grow without soil or a pot. 


We then decided as a class that we wanted to investigate the best place for a seed to grow so we hid some bean seeds in different parts of the classroom so we could find out.

In Numeracy skills the children used bean seeds to measure different sized beanstalks. They were able to estimate and check their answers by measuring. They all made sure there were now gaps between the seeds too.

We all listened to the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and the children were eager to find out more about the harp and the music it can make. So we listened to some  harp music and talked about how it makes us feel too. We then talked about other string instruments and even had a go at playing the guitar and violin. 

Next week  9th May 2022


Next week we are going to be busy looking at and investigating mini-beasts. 

In Literacy the children will be looking at the story 'The Hungry Caterpillar' By Eric Carle. They will be understanding the life cycle of a butterfly through Art and Craft and also labelling parts of a plant too. 


The children will also be adding and subtracting mini-beasts and making some delicious healthy fruit kebabs too. They will be looking at the work of the artist Van Gogh and using his techniques to produce a 'Sunflowers' picture in their class groups.


We also hope you enjoy your visits to school next week and look forward to seeing you all in school too for your visit. It is wonderful, how finally you can get to see where your children spend their days and what they are so busy doing.


Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard

Week Beginning 26th April 2022

I would like to say how wonderful it is to be back with the children this term. I have missed them so much and they are certainly doing exceptionally well in all their learning.

Our topic this term is 'In the Garden' and the children have been very interested in finding out all about Garden Centres this week. They have been choosing what they would like in their own role play area which is now their own Garden Centre.

As a class we talked about what we would sell in our Garden Centre after talking about our own experiences in them.

In Literacy the children listened to the story 'Treasures in the Garden' they then discussed their favourite part of the story and drew a picture of their favourite character too.

They then wrote a sentence about what they liked to do in their garden and they talked about this in their groups too.

Mrs Pritchard then took the children out to do a Treasure Hunt in our Forest School area. Which they loved !!!


We found lots of treasure.

In Numeracy we have been exploring how to halve amounts within 10 using ladybirds. The children have been able to halve the ladybirds spots both practically and mentally. They have also been making some lovely ladybirds with Mrs Pritchard too and using their fingers to print the spots to halve 10.

We have been using ladybirds to help us understand halving.

We used money to pay for items in our Garden Centre.

We talked about the different sized plant pots and sorted them into shortest to tallest in the Garden Centre.

In P.E this week we have been practising out football skills with Mr Manford.

Next week - wb 2nd May


Next week we have our school trip on Tuesday to ‘Imagine That’ we are all so excited. You should have an email about this on Friday. We will spend the week talking about our trip and writing about it too.

We will be growing some bean seeds and making predictions about how they will grow if they are kept in different places in the classroom. 

Have a lovely weekend 


Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard