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This afternoon we were super lucky as we went outside to enjoy our outdoor area! This is some of the things we have been up to...


We made a volcano in the small world area. - Tom and Noah

I was using the number beads to make a colourful number chain. - Niamh and Sofia

I was dressing up and we created our own show. - Nia and Evie W

I was pretending to be a soldier. - Zac

We were all working together to make a show! - Jessica, Isla, Thea, Evie P and Connie.



Today we had a visit from NCPCC. We learnt all about how to deal with the worries we might have. They helped us to think about who is around us to help if we need it and we learnt the NSPCC phone number. 


This week we have been working lots on our reading skills. We read instructions on how to make a dinosaur fossil out of salt dough and then we followed them carefully!

Maybe the children could hide their fossils at home and then dig them up like a real palaeontologist! We would like to se their pictures of their fossil discovery!


Today we met Dinosaur Mike! 

He knew so much about dinosaurs and we loved learning all about them. 


The first dinosaur we found out about was the most famous dinosaur who’s name starts with a T...


A T-Rex.


We learnt that he had 4 fingers and could only move his arms in and out! 


An ankleosaurus was the biggest dinosaur and he has special armour on his body! We loved looking at his dinosaur skull and couldn’t believe how big it was! It was so much bigger than our skull. His brain however was only the same size as our fist, our brains are 20 times bigger. We learnt that his body would be as long as 11 children standing in a row!

This dinosaur had a superpower,he could freeze like a statue so the T. rex couldn’t see him.


We were able to look at some real ammonite fossils. The ammonite caught fish using its tentacles, it is its shell that you can see in a fossil. We had lots of fun playing a game and Dinosaur Mike said we were so good at it that we could have some stickers as a prize!


Real fossils feel cold and hard just like stones, some are smooth and some rough. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are found on sea shores, caves, cliffs and deserts. 


We were super lucky when Dinosaur Mike showed us a real dinosaur tooth fossil! We found out that carnivores teeth are sharp and herbivores teeth are blunt. We loved feeling our teeth and thinking about weather they are sharp or blunt. 


It was great to meet Dinosaur Mike and a lovely way to finish our topic about dinosaurs!


Today is our harvest festival! A big thank you for all the wonderful tins of food that you have sent in for our charity this year.


As always we were super lucky to welcome Mr Slater back to school to tell us all about Harvest. 

Mr Slater told us all about Havest in a place called Jerusalem. He told us about the different foods that they would be harvesting and about the different dens called Sukkots which they build.

We learnt about how they come together and share their food and say thank you to God for all the lovely things they have. 


As always, we loved celebrating with you Mr Slater. Thank you for coming in to see us all! 


The children had lots of fun in forest school this week creating homes for the dinosaurs and playing guess the dinosaur in our new school amphitheatre.


This week we have been in the ELearning Plaza to work on our digital skills! We have been practising logging on to the computers and using the mouse. We searched for dinosaur pictures and with our friend created a PowerPoint page.


Today was our first forest school session in Year 1! We were super lucky as the sun was shining! We had lots of fun working with the other children in Class 4 to create dinosaurs!! 


This afternoon we went outside to our super, special outside area! We had lots of fun exploring the different areas; role play, small world, construction, reading, writing and maths! 


This week we have been using our reading skills to help us work out which dinosaur was which! 

We then practised our ICT skills by taking pictures and addind names to our work! 




What a fantastic first week we have had! All the children has settled in so well and have already started to impress Mrs L-J with their fantastic work! 


Here are some of the brilliant things they have been up to! I loved Connie and Thea’s idea of making their own pens and then using them to write their names in the painting area! 


We have had lots of fun thinking about our new topic - Stomp in the swamp!

The children knew lots about dinosaurs already. Ash said 'I don't think we need to learn about dinosaurs, we know lots already!' Hehe! He did make us all smile!


But even though we know lots already...we still have some questions we want to investigate!


If you click on the document below you can see some of the things we have said!