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Star of the week!

Most Fridays, when we have time, the children think of wonderful things to say about our stars of the week. So in their own words...


Our star of the week is Josh!

Josh is amazing at finding our daily mystery mess! He even found Mr William's secret mess today! Not only has he received lots of Dojos from Mrs Lincoln-Jones, he has also had them from lots of other teachers. Josh is a lovely friend and looks after all his class mates. He always plays with people if they are on their own and always thinks of some great games!

He has tried super hard with his work and it has been lovely to hear at how well he is doing in Chess outside of school!



Our star of the week this week is Lucas!

Lucas has been super creative this week and made a wonderful moving ferris wheel.

He has worked hard on his welsh and has brought in some wonderful welsh sentences to show Mrs L-J.

Lucas has been an outstanding friend to everyone in Class 6 and has been extra polite too!



This week our star of the week is Charlotte!

Charlotte is a lovely member of our class and her friends thinks she is super kind.

Charlotte has tried super hard with the tasks this week and in particular was super proud of her welsh writing! During challenge time, Charlotte has uploaded lots of great work on Seesaw and has worked hard on her spellings at home - what a busy bee she has been! On our school trip, Charlotte made her teachers super proud of how she behaved.

Bendigedig a ffantastig!  


Our star of the week this week is Theo!

This week, Theo has shown amazing leadership skills. He has been encouraging his friends and helping them when they have been stuck. Theo has produced some brilliant work this week and created a beautiful coat of arms. The children have said he has been a lovely friend, for example, when Hannah was stuck in the E-learning Plaza, Theo helped her.
Theo will be a wonderful example to his new baby chwaer when she finally arrives!!



Our star of the week is Sam!

Sam has done some outstanding work this week. He has used lots of welsh and has completed a tricky task in the Welsh challenge area! Sam has made an extra effort on the carpet to be ready to learn and has been a super listener. He has answered lots of questions and has as always been a super cool friend!



Our star of the week this week is Rhian! 

Rhian has worked super hard to get the trophy this week. She has tried really hard to make sure she was on the carpet and ready to learn at all times! Her friends says that this week in particular she has been extra kind and caring. 




Our star of the week is Medha!

Medha has worked super hard on her story work this week! Medha's handwriting is beautiful. No matter what task she does her presentation is wonderful! Medha is a lovely friend and a brilliant class member! If someone is sad, Medha always makes sure they are ok.

Our star of the week is Catrin!
This is the third time this year she has won the trophy and this is because she is always being super duper! Catrin is a very positive person and is always ready to learn. She has lots of friends in class and her friends say they all love her lots! Mrs L-J thinks Catrin is VERY ready for Year 3...but she doesn't want her to leave Year 2!


Our star of the week this week is Sam!

We are so proud of Sam, it has been his first week in Ewloe Green and he has already impressed us all in Class 6! Sam has made sure he has played with everyone and has been a lovely friend. He has shown us all what a super star he is by working really hard!


Our star of the week this week is Sofia!

Sofia is a nice friend to us all in class 6. She is kind to everyone and if they are hurt on the playground she always helps them up and checks they are ok. Sofia tries her best on her work and her handwriting this week has improved so much! Mrs Lincoln-Jones is super proud!
If anyone is stuck with something in class, Sofia likes to help them.



Our star of the week is Sam!

On Monday Sam set himself a task to win the trophy and we are all super proud of how hard he worked to make sure he achieved his goal! He has been working hard this week especially working on his fine motor skills creating jewellery. He is a good friend to all of the children in Class 6 and is always super kind to them. Sam is very funny and has great dance moves!





Our star of the week this week is Daniel!

Daniel has been wonderful in class this week, he has worked super hard on his handwriting! What a super star! All the teachers in Ewloe think he has lovely manners. He is so kind to all of his friends no matter what especially when we are sad. Daniel is super friendly and funny.



Our star of the week this week is Evan!

Evan is kind in class and at playtime because when people fall over on the playground he comes and helps them. Evan has tried super hard with his work and no matter the challenge given to him, he tries his best! Evan is always very polite to all the children and staff in Ewloe Green!



Max is our star of the week!

Max is a brilliant friend who always makes everyone laugh as he is very funny!

When people are sad Max always checks that they are ok.

He always tries his best with his work and makes Mrs L-J and all of his class mates super proud!

Bendigedig Max!



Our star of the week is Josh!

Josh has done brilliant work this week - no matter the task, he has gone above and beyond!

He has been super kind to his friends and always make sure that if anyone is sad, he makes them smile again!

Josh is a brilliant friend and a wonderful helper in school too, his friends think he is great!

Bendigedig Josh!



Isla is our star of the week!

She has worked super hard with her writing and really impressed the class with her story all about St David. Isla always gives 100% and tries her best, she is the first to sit on the carpet and be ready to listen to our next task. During our special St David's week, Isla has used lots of Welsh and has enjoyed performing the National Anthem to the rest of the Foundation Phase!

Arddechog Isla - Dw i'n falch ohona ti dros ben!

Even though I have been away, these little super stars have still been working hard! I have been told that their attitude to learning has been fantastic and that they have all be extremely polite and helpful! 

Da iawn i chi i gyd! Well done to you all! 

I am very proud of you all! πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘


Our star this week is Euan! 

Euan has worked extremely hard with every piece of work he has completed this week! I am super proud of you Euan! 

Keep up the great work! 

Gwych!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Our star of the week this week is Ben!

Ben has been working very hard this week, and has made the children laugh lots!

He has been a super star and extra kind to others!
His friends say - Ben is a really nice friend to all of us!

Grêt! cheeky


Our final star of the week for this term is Theo!

Theo has tried extra hard this week and is looking forward to being able to show lots of people the trophy over the Christmas holidays!

Bendigedig Theo!!!


Our 'star of the week' this week is Rhian!

Rhian always works super hard and tries her best with her presentation. She has been extra kind to her friends this week as when they are sad she always comforts them.
Da iawn Rhian!


Daniel is our ‘Star of the week’ this week! Daniel is so excited that he has won the trophy! He always works super hard in the challenge areas and tries and tries and tries no matter how tricky the task may be! At the start of the week Daniel wowed Mrs L-J with an amazing piece of writing! Well done Daniel! 🀩


Amelia is our ‘Star of the week’ this week! Amelia has been super busy this week in the different challenge areas! As one of our schools Criw Cymraeg, Amelia always asks her friends how they are and even asked Mrs Dyas this morning! 

Amelia loves to help her friends learn Welsh and is always learning new words! 

Ffantastig Amelia! πŸ‘πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ·σ ¬σ ³σ Ώ


Zachary is our ‘star of the week’! 

Zachary has worked extra hard this week. He completed a great piece of writing and has been trying super hard with telling the time! 

Keep it up Zachary! πŸ‘



Cai is our star of the week this week! 

Cai has been super busy this week doing lots of jobs around the class! He also came up with some great ideas for our new topic ‘Locomotion’ which we are all looking forward to starting next week! 

Well done 😊


Lucas is this weeks ‘Star of the Week’! 

Lucas has been super helpful tidying up in the challenge areas and being kind to his friends! Lucas was so close last week to getting the trophy so his smile this week when he found out was just a picture! Well done Lucas! Keep being a super star for me and working extra hard! 🀩


Our final ‘Star of the Week’ this half term is Oliver! 

Oliver has worked so hard in the challenge areas and created a wonderful missing poster this week for one of his pets! He has been super sensible on the carpet and has explained his work on Seesaw! 

Bendigedig Oliver! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Our super star this week is Sofia! 

Sofia is always the first to be ready for our next challenge! She is a super listener and this week she has worked incredibly hard in the challenge areas! Well done Sofia! Keep making Mrs Lincoln-Jones super proud!! 😍


This week Catrin is our ‘Star of the Week!’

catrin is always super helpful and kind. She is very sensible and we always know she can be trusted to carry out important jobs!! She has been super kind to her friends this week and extra smiley! 


Bendigedig Catrin πŸ‘πŸ‘


Our ‘Star of the week’ this week is Amelia! 

Amelia has worked really hard on her homework - it has been extra sparkly, and has been very kind to her friends. She has also made brilliant progress with her reading! 

Da iawn Amelia! πŸ‘


Sam is our ‘Star of the week’ this week! Sam has worked incredibly hard with his work and is constantly on task in all sessions! 

He is really working hard to reach for the stars! 

Da iawn Sam! 🀩


Our ‘Star of the Week’ is Isla! 

Isla is always extremely polite and helpful. She has worked hard this week to practise her targets and has been using lots of Welsh with her friends!


Ffantastig 🀩🀩


Our ‘Star of the week’ is Ragavi!! Ragavi has gone above and beyond this week. She has tried extra hard with her story writing and has been so polite and well behaved! 


Bendigedig!!! 🀩




Our first 'Star of the week' is...Medha! 

Medha has been a super star this week, she has made sure she is always ready to learn and listens wonderfully!

Well done Medha! no

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